Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cartoon Leopard + Panther Quiff

This vintage rabbit fur gilet was the first ever wild-cat-spotted piece in my wardrobe. Purchased on a road trip in 2008 when I was thirty-eight.

Considering how much I have loved fashion-y things all my life and the number of U-turns that I have witnessed trends make (+ early-adopting some of them), thirty-eight years of age was a little too old to still be a wildcat-print virgin, don't you think? And you know what? The cheetah (I think the spots are more cheetah than leopard) on this Captain Caveman gilet had absolutely nothing to do with my decision to take it home with me on the long car ride. Haha. In fact, the spots had the opposite effect because I've always associated them with skanky 'hos and middle-aged Asian housewives going grocery-shopping in their leopard-print leggings (as pants/trousers!) in the 80s. It was my love for soft and fluffy furry things that won the internal to-buy-or-not-to-buy debate. I wasn't quite sure I could bring myself to wear something wildcat-spotted even when it's just a trim but I've found out since that I could (here and here) and it's become the most-worn and most-loved piece out of all my furs.

In the years between then and now, while girls around me stocked up on everything-leopard and proclaimed the print a "neutral", I never got into the game (Wahahaha! Pun!). I thought the gilet was to be the first and last bit of wildcat to ever prowl through the doors of my wardrobe. And I was very content with that until I saw this...

...this A.P.C. cape-y coat thing late last year (the time of year when it's Winterwear sale time in the Northern Hemisphere = the best time for us Southern Hemispherers to scoop some toasty bargains!). Again, it wasn't the spots that attracted me in the first place. It was the shape of the coat. However, if the print was of the realistic sort, I wouldn't have bought it. Can you imagine? Ewww! But Cartoon Leopard spots that look like falling petals? I can do!

While we're on the subject of wildcat-themed items of clothing (which, by now, you'll know I avoid unless I find a big fat saving grace in them), I might as well throw this in...

A men's grey marle sweatshirt I found in the charity shop with a Man With A Panther(!) Quiff print.

Cutting the sleeves off secondhand oversized (usually men's) sweatshirts is a hobby of mine. I love the boxy-ness of the body but the sleeves are usually too poufy and long for me so I lop them off and roll big cuffs on them. They are fun to wear on cooler days and make good layering pieces when the temperature dips.

This is my first one with a print (the "Drifter", an illustration by Tim Laing on a Das Monk sweatshirt from 2009, I found out via good ol' Google) and again, it wasn't the print that made me buy it but the quality of the sweatshirt - 100% cotton with a flannel-y back. It's also a cheeky finger flip to people who shell out hundreds of dollars for that ubiquitous wildcat sweater. end this long post about my accidental wildcat-loving, I would like to present the Leopard-loving Lady spotted (Wahahahahaha! Pun again!) in the post office queue a couple of months ago on a wet day...

Taking print-matching to the next level with her jacket + rainboots + umbrella! I think she (a middle-aged Asian lady who looked like a cross between Yoko Ono and Joan Chen) has done well! And might have erased that bad image in my head of Asian ladies wearing leopard.


WendyB said...

Wow, that fur vest (as we call it in the US)!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey hey hey Ms B!
It's been a while!
Hope both you and your bling business are both doing well! xx