Friday, 1 March 2013

Shnuggly Season Already?

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Woo! Time sure flies rather speedily these days, huh?

We brought this Japanese Woodland Doll home from our friendly neighbourhood Pop Shop in December when the boyfriend was in there doing his Secret Santa shopping for work. I was still on my silly hey-let's-make-childish-GIFs-with-our-toys (like this and this) trip then and I couldn't not make this new cutie of ours the star of a clip, could I? Just look at that face! Those large doe eyes! Rosy chubby cheeks that you can't resist pinching! And that cowlicketty fringe! It was two months ago that the GIF was made on our living room's grassy rug with this old-school grill-gate-screenprinted tote bag as background and filed away in the too-bulgy-to-shut Drafts folder.

Poor little thing has sat in there for too long and today she makes her debut! I can't think of a better moment than the first day of Autumn in Australia because she is dressed so suitably for the wet, cold and grey day (boo) that is today. And I want some of what she's having! Teddy-eared hood with scalloped edge trim? Yes! Cute add-on collar? Ooooh! A little cherry-pom-pom bow detail? Give it to me! Herringbone-stitch knit? Now! And a shnuggly cotton-tailed onesie for sleeping in? Like wearing my favourite jumpsuits for beddie-boo time? Yeah!!!

And here she is with her vintage Japanese squeaky animal pals (she is a re-issue and hasn't got the "squeak" put into her while the donkeys and the cows are "noisy" originals made decades ago). A moving clip of her frolicking with her pals might follow soon. In another two months, perhaps? Haha.

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