Friday, 15 March 2013

He's Going To Beat Me At The Connie-Wonnie Game!

GRRR! The boyfriend is now only a pair away from levelling the score in our The Happiest Connie-Wonnie Lover In The World game! With this new pair of Hikers. He's had his eyes on them for a few months now but we haven't been checking in to the Converse store as religiously as we used to (not after my last big haul in January). Over the weekend, we thought we should have a bit of a nosey-around and there they were on sale! Heavily-discounted and out of the last three pairs left, two were in his size. A meant-to-be type of thing, I guess.

Aren't they just gorgeous?! Soft grey leather + olive trims + navy blue laces = my dream colour combo in a pair of shoes! And those silver D-ring eyelets! If they were available in lows, I would have bought them too and put an end to my search for those elusive grey marle ones. Actually, fuck the grey sweatshoes! The next pair I hope to find are these low snakeskin beauts.