Friday, 15 March 2013


Last Saturday at Rushcutters' Bay Park. Our pal Meeps couldn't have picked a better day or spot for a "Good Bye, Summer" picnic! She brought some gay ("I didn't have toothpicks but I sure have cocktail umbrellas!", she said) meaty sandwiches. Ms Carpet made some superb chicken + leek pies that very morning. K-Pop baked his super-decadent chocolate brownie the night before. I cheated with store-bought cheeses but I made up for it by making some cheese platter pals - oatmeal + parmesan biccies, candied walnuts (so good with the Gorgonzola, not "Gorzonzola". Haha!) and fig + port jam "turds". And I got to use my cheese markers! And washi tape! Woo!

A good time was had by all, guzzling sparkly cheeky drinkie-poos by the marina dotted with bobbing sailboats and making friends with strangers' dogs (so many cute ones!).

The temperature has since dipped so ever slightly but tomorrow, according to the met station, is going to be another scorcher of a day in Sydney. There might not be another one for the next six months. A good day for "A Last Hurrah for Summer" picnic if you have yet to have one this season!

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