Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Meatpop On Things

Our pup, inspired by Maddie the Coonhound, on a beautiful bouquet of Australian native blooms (my favourite!) that our sweet pal K-Pop brought us for Chinese New Year.

Sometimes, looking at pictures of cute canines doing/wearing silly things beats looking at samey-samey blogger-girls dressed up to the nines, pulling awkward poses in some back alley...
:: more of Maddie!
:: Menswear Dog - Boys' clothes + puppy (wearing boys' clothes!) = two of my favourite things in one blog!
:: Ayasakai - French Bulldogs + bowl haircuts!!!!! I've owned various breeds of dogs, from big to small, since I was seven but never a Frenchie and it's been my dream breed to own for the last twenty years. I love a good bowl haircut (precision!) and have been wearing mine for at least eight years now. I look at these pictures of the cute little Japanese boy with a mini version of my hairstyle + his puppy pal and imagine myself in his place. What a sweet sweet life!
:: Trotter - more Frenchie hilarity!
:: Why We Rescue - It's not a blog but a storytelling-via-photos project by Maddie's human. Turn your speakers up and listen to the tales. Have your hanky within easy reach.
:: More rescued dogs stories - Manhattan Nest, one of the best home improvement blogs around, was made even better when Daniel, the author, adopted Mekko. Nothing improves a home more thanthe addition of a loving pup, I think! Or two! Linus was rescued a few months after and I definitely needed a hanky reading his story.  

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Peter Marcuse said...

We had three of them; freedom lovers so hard to dicipline and at the same time funny and protective.
Peter Marcuse