Wednesday, 2 January 2013

We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It!*

Fuzzboxes. Guitar effects pedals. Fun things that I loved playing with when I used to mess around in the jam studio with my pal Ben. So many different sounds and so many different COLOURS

So can you imagine my glee when I recently discovered, thanks to my hip-and-with-it optometrist who frequents international trade shows, these handmade-in-Japan frames by EFFECTOR?! Many of which were named after effect boxes! I was sold! And like that's not cool enough already, they have to go collaborate with Nigo (of A Bathing Ape fame), Neighbourhood and Undercover - all coveted Japanese labels that can make the menswear blogs that I read pee in their cuffed trousers, from excitement, at the drop of a new collection.

However, there's no point in buying a cool new pair of prescription glasses that don't sit well on my near-bridge-less Asian nose, right? Not many do but most of the EFFECTORs that I tried on sat perfectly! I guess, being a Japanese company, they have factored in the average Asian nose make-up in their handcrafted designs? It was hard deciding on a pair but my optomertrist's assistant and I finally whittled our picks down to two - the Distortion and the Chorus. Also two of my favourite fuzzboxes!

The Distortion won. I love its slight cat-eye-ty-ness. And that mottled brown+clear acetate! Noisy, like the fuzzbox that it was named after, but in a good way!

* "We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It" is an all-girl British pop punk band from the 80s. They were good fun. You can listen to them here.

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abcdetc said...

Phew. Sign of relief sia.
While reading: I scared...
Kept in suspense wondering which one you'd end up with...

Bless! Of course you end up w/ Distortion. Like there was any doubt. And the classic DS-1 too. Attagal! So right! Classic. Hardy. Timeless. Beautiful. One output. One input. None like those other vogue-ish things. Failed updates on classics you have twiddled.