Thursday, 31 January 2013

Stripey Hugs

It's been a while since you've seen stripey things here, huh? No, I've not stopped looking for back-ups for my #1 Stripey Thing, that super-boxy heavyweight cotton Remo one that's not being made anymore. Nope. And I think I might have found something close - these by Armor Lux from our friendly neighbourhood Standard Store.

The boat neck is not cut as wide as the Remo one but I don't mind that one bit because the body is just as boxy* as my #1. The fabric has a good weight, not as heavy as my old faithful but still a sturdy material. And the white one which I bought many months ago has passed the multi-wear-and-wash no-pilling test. Woo! I love it so much that I bought the navy blue one at the store's recent sale. I think I've found my "forever" brand for stripey things! The end of buying and testing and wondering! Yay!

* These ones I have are Armor Lux for men = roomy fit + straight sides = love! And I sized up too for extra-boxy-ness!

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