Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Op-Shopping Is A Sport

"I love your jacket! Can you tell me where it's from?"

I know I've hit charity-shopping gold when sales assistants in shops and strangers on the streets approach me to ask about the make of a certain piece of secondhand clothing that I'm wearing. It's a little smugly-mean but I love the disappointed look on their face when they realise that it's not from the latest collections available at the department stores or boutiques that they can just waltz in and pick up. I think I'm allowed to feel slightly-more-than-pleased with myself because I've put in the hard yards. Charity-shopping is a sport - the actual fantastic finds are the trophies and such flattering encounters are added medals on the side. All rewards for diligently making my weekly rounds of the charity shops and sifting through dusty and stinky racks and boxes of hits-and-misses. 

Actually, I don't need validation from strangers to know that I've struck gold.

gifTake this army green (quite close up there on my "Colours That I'll Always Love" chart as navy blue) jacket, for example. I somehow knew that it's going to be a trophy that I'll treasure from the moment I saw its exaggerated funnel neck peeking out from the rack at the St Vincent's just down the road. Upon closer inspection, I saw those sleeves! Raglan + dolman - two sleeve-styles in one sleeve! Woo! And then there was that swingy cape-like shape! And the rounded hems! And the amazing construction! In a medium-weight stiff-but-still-drapey 100% cotton! All for $18, I think it was.

It went straight into my Autumn/Winter trunk of clothes (after a good soak and wash!) but Sydney's having another loopy hot-cold-hot-cold Spring so it came right out. Worn here, on a cool and wet day, with my drop-crotchety denim-dream-come-true and an old "winged" linen t-shirt that my pal Poochie sent a long time ago. Also plays well with dresses and shorts and most things in my wardrobe, really. It sure is another good op-shopping trophy to have in my display-cabinet-of-a-wardrobe! Yeah! 


flying carpet said...

It IS a sport and we are winning x

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

We are, my #1 op-shopping buddy!!
Have been for a long time!
And we have so many trophies to show! Woo!
PS. Someone should make a "Amazing Race"-style show/competition featuring op shopping. Or have they already?

flying carpet said...

I don't think they have, but we should totally pitch it to a TV network!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

And they can tie it in with next October's "Buy Nothing New" Month!
Plus I have years of film production experience!
Know any high-flying TV executives? Haha.