Friday, 16 November 2012

Get Jiro!

We love our Uncle Tony and graphic novels in this household so we got our copy very shortly after it was released.

We like the story about a projected world, one which we might live in in years to come if the current trend of celebrity chef-worshipping by food-obsessed people continues. The art is not really our style but we had so much fun unearthing the many hidden "easter eggs" such as this...

..."Char Kway Teow"! Our favourite noodle dish in the world! Woo!

We also loved this documentary film, Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, starring a cool old sushi master dude whose name Uncle Tony borrowed for the main character in his graphic novel.  

It is a beautiful beautiful film about the virtue of hard work and the constant pursuit of perfection. We can all learn a lesson in humility from Mr Jiro Ono (and I want to give him a big fat cuddle! And eat at his cute little three-Michelin-star restaurant one day!).


yesilikethat said...

I'm not a huge Anthony Bourdain fan but I like the idea of the book. I must see that document film, though, it looks so beautiful.

Glad to see you're back posting, I'd really missed reading your blog! Hope everything is okay.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hello YesILikeThat!
Have a hankie within easy reach when you watch the film!
Some bits had me tearing a little. Haha.
But maybe that's just me. I like crying at the movies.

Thank you for the sweet words!
So happy that you said "Hello" or I would not have discovered your blog that's so full of home-sewn clothes goodness!
I wish I know how to interpret sewing patterns and make my own clothes!