Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Let's Talk Caramel Corn (Part 10)

We popped into an Asian grocer, one that we don't go to as often as our usual one, over the weekend and found that they stock a wider range of Caramel Corn! Wooo!

The pink Sakura (cherry blossom) is a flavour that I've been curious about for ages! From what I could gather on the Japanglish Tohato website (which I check regularly for new flavours), it's meant to taste like a sweet red bean paste rice cake wrapped in salty cherry leaves. Exciting, huh? The actual pale pink corn puffs didn't taste anything like that - more bitter almond-y than red bean-y and not at all salty - but it's still Caramel-y Corn-y delicious.

And that bigger bag?! It was squeal-o-rama time when I saw it sitting above the small packs on the shelf! It's another one that I've only read about on the Tohato site. Five times the size of the regular corn puff = five times the fun! And it really was! Bigger than the size of my thumb! And we lucked out with a Mont Blanc-flavoured one! You know that super old-school piped chestnut puree dessert? Tohato got the flavour right with this one. Whoopeedoo!

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