Friday, 23 March 2012

Hat Hair

A few hats from my stash (the vintage Stetson with the colourful feather is the boyfriend's but I'm sure he'll let me borrow it) that I'm looking forward to wearing when the weather gets suitably nippy now that I've got good hat hair!

"Hat hair" as in a haircut that's conducive to hat-wearing. Not the bad lumpy look you get after wearing a hat. Also not hair that looks like it's a hat or helmet, like my big fat beloved "mushroom" (which many have asked if it's a wig). Imagine wearing a hat on top of all that hair. Wahahahahaha! But that has never stopped me from buying cute hats that I think I'll one day wear, the naughty consumaterialist that I was.

And that day has arrived! The mushie/helmet is all gone now, as of last Thursday, and the good old Mary Quant+Erin O'Connor, from when my current hairdresser and I first met, is back to take its place. Hats that previously didn't sit properly on my bouncy head of hair now fit! Woooo! And hat-wearing wasn't even on our agenda. We were simply bored and wanted to have some snip-away-without-a-care fun. Good hat hair was a bonus (hairbands don't sneakily slide off too now!). And so is a different glasses-wearing face (brand new looks with old frames! Wheeeee!). A superb haircut by a brilliant hairdresser is a gift that keeps giving, man!


flying carpet said...

second hat is gorgeous! can't wait to see you wear it x

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

I think that Bow Pasta hat will look better on you!
Hat swap time! xx