Saturday, 11 February 2012


Meet my new denim pal! I've owned quite a few pairs of dungarees in my time but this is the most perfect pair to my fussypot eye. The right wash of blue (with no ugly factory-made faded "whiskers" at all the wrong places!). Straight legs. And of utmost importance, no "hippage"! Cut ramrod-straight at the hips like men's shorts/jeans/trousers! Woo! You would think that all manufacturers would have the sense to not round off the hips bit when dungarees already create a silhouette that is not always flattering!

And the best thing was I found it buried deep in a bin of yet-to-be-priced new donations at our friendly neighbourhood charity shop!
At a time when I was about to scratch (the elusive pair of perfect) "denim dungarees" off my wish-list. For a few dollars! Woooo!

If we take cost per wear into account, the figure is now in the good negative region because these dungarees are all that I've been wearing since I brought them home three weekends ago. With my collection of Western shirts, white ruffly shirts (my favourite so far - a little Huckleberry Finn + a little Little House on the Prairie!) and some happy-print ones borrowed from the boyfriend. Most of the time with Converses on my feet, occasionally my Birkenstocks, Douglases, clogs or Melissas. I can generate as many winning combos with my new denim pal as a slot machine can make non-winning ones. And we're only talking about Summer wear! Think about the possible Winter combos! Toasty sweaters under...big fat cardigans over...with lace-up boots...loafers and low-heeled girly shoes + socks..."Wheeeeeeeee!" for dungaweeees!

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