Sunday, 15 January 2012

TV Dinner

Not one of them prefab-ed numbers but still relatively quick and easy to make.

Warm potato salad -> Make the lemon vinaigrette first up (lemon juice + zest, seeded mustard, a good olive oil & seasoning) + finely-chop some herbs (I used chives, parsley and tarragon) + baby capers, drained and finely-chopped + Spanish onions + blanched beans + steamed or boiled potatoes (quickly drain when done, pop into a mixing boil, pour dressing on, toss and take in a big fat whiff of the fragrance of the olive oil and lemon zest generated by the heat in the spuds) + salt flakes & cracked black pepper.

The fish ->
I timed it so that it's cooked when the potato salad is ready. I like my salmon very charred on the outside and still rare on the inside so a quick few minutes in a very hot pan is all it needs. Warm salad + hot off-the-pan fish = how it should arrive at the table. A capers beurre noisette drizzled over the fish would be good too but having just been to see my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor/naturopath that morning, I felt kind of naughty adding butter to what was quite a clean and healthy meal. Hee.

Eaten while watching an episode of the new season of Revenge. So trashy but so good! It's like the Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest of the 2000s. With better art direction and cinematography (well, as good as they can be in a TV series). Haha. The Revenge ladies' wardrobes are boring compared to the OOMPH-ity numbers the Carrington ladies wore in the 80s but the boys' clothes had me going "Ooooh...I want that, that and that!", especially Nolan's colourful preppy outfits. So, is anyone else hooked on Revenge? Or is it just me that's happy to re-live my 80s soap addiction?

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