Sunday, 13 November 2011


Fabric-A-Brac! What a clever name for a fabric and haberdashery market, right?!

That's where we were yesterday. I would have totally missed it if not a morning chirpy text-tip* from my pal Top Bird! And the one-day event was just down the road from us. In a hired studio on the top floor of an old building that I've been dying to explore the interior of (I was not disappointed! It was an amazing space!)!

The market itself was WOW-some too! I was in textile heaven! Vintage and new. From bales to neatly folded fat quarters. Buttons! Trims! How-to books (including those cool Japanese ones)! But I was good and came home with only a vintage embroidered collar, a scrap of soft brown leather (to make an eye patch for my cute one-eyed pal) and nearly 3 metres of this happy lamp-and-ukulele-printed Hawaiian barkcloth...

...from the lovely Roberta who makes a range of cute kiddie clothes. I knew right away when I saw this piece of fabric that it would be perfect for a copy of my sack dress (it is wide enough and the print is so right for the muumuu style!). Then Roberta told me that the barkcloth is what's left after she made some cushion covers for her 1950s Parker sofa (we have something similar) and a lampshade (our vintage bendy lamp can do with a pair of standby shades) and I was suddenly plagued by indecision. Haha. I guess if the go the dress route, which is essentially two big squares of fabric, I can always transform it into cushion covers or lampshades when I get bored with it. We shall see.

* I get special shopping tips from Top Bird via text messages only because we are pals and because she knows I'm not into Facebook-ing. If
you're into it, be her pal on Facebook and you'll never miss a good treasure hunting event in Sydney ever again!

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