Sunday, 2 October 2011

Buy-Nothing-New Month

My shopping-partner-in-crime Ms Carpet and I signed up for this a couple of weeks ago. We have pledged to not buy anything new for the whole month of October. "New" as in "spanking first-hand brand-new". Secondhand and pre-loved things (which already form a bulk of our shopping), we are allowed.

And this little exercise in self-control for us shopping-girl-maniacs couldn't have come at a better time! Ms Carpet will be leaving for a holiday to London and Paris in November and all the money that she saves will go towards some real shopping in those cities! And the money that I not spend this month on frivolous nonsense will be handed over to her along with a shopping list. A good plan!

It'll be a piece of cake, we thought, for us regular trawlers of charity shops and flea markets. But we shall see, for yesterday, only the start of the month, I've already slipped. Picked out a pair of super-wide chambray (a big weakness of mine, as you know) palazzo pants in a shop and was all ready to prance to the changing room until the boyfriend gently said, "Aren't you on that buy-nothing-new programme?". Oops. Haha. Back onto the rack the pants went.

Stay tuned for our progress. And you should play with us too! I think it's still not too late to sign up (tell us if you do!). And there's the $5000 carrot that you might win at the end of month! If you're good.


flying carpet said...

I almost slipped up on Saturday too - went to the newsagents and picked up a magazine, started going to pay for it before I realised I couldn't! This may be more difficult than we think

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Fucking magazines! Haha! xx