Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Puppy Car-Ridin'

Last Saturday...

We drove 32km out of Sydney to Smithfield, a suburb we've never been to! Yay! To go to a car graveyard to pick up a spare part for the boyfriend's dad.

An old-school sodapop vending machine in the office of the car graveyard. It'd be so cool to have one of them at home! Not for the drinks but for the colour-coded display.

New Spring leaves in suburbia. Don't be fooled by the clear blue sky! The 40km/h wind that day cut right through to our bones. Brrrrrrrr!

A gigantic puppy spotted on a puppy car-ride! Excitement!!!! Wheeeeeee! He's advertising the Pet Fest in the suburb of Merrylands. Damn! We were there a week too early.

The junk "sculpture" in the backyard of an antique shop we stumbled upon where we found my new bunny pal...

...a taxidermied American Cottontail! In pristine condition. He's not mine yet but we're going back to take him home when I've saved enough pennies, if he's still there.

We were hoping to find a bigger new-old dining table on this puppy car-ride. This cute one with the sexy chairs was one of the many that we saw. Sadly, none of them were right for us. I guess we'll have to keep on truckin'! Or puppy car-ridin'.

We did, however, found some good shit at the various suburban charity shops that we hit. Four happy printed and patterned Summer shirts for the boyfriend, a vintage ruffle-y floral peasant blouse for me and a few CDs for our listening pleasure. Yay!

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