Sunday, 18 September 2011

Clown Camo

Friday fun with Lyn, my pedicurist!

I went in with a bottle of the baby blue polish that Ms Carpet gave me a long time ago with the intention of going all-blue with white polka dots. But Lyn had time to spare between my appointment and her next client's so she suggested we have some colourful OPI fun. Colours + Fun?! I'm in! You should have seen us! We were like little girls secretly playing with our mother's nail polish for the very first time. Haha.

I tried describing the Anniecure No.2 to her but she had her own ideas so we ended up with "Clown Camo" - a "print" that I would want to be wearing if I'm hiding from baddies in a circus tent full of clowns - which I love too!

It also reminded me of something else that I've seen recently but couldn't place until I showed my new toe job to Ms Carpet at lunch yesterday and she said it looks like her new Marimekko Connie-wonnies. Jackpot! Yeah!

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