Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Let's Talk Caramel Corn (Part VII)

"Hello!" from my cheeky Caramel Corn pals. It's been a while.

Two new flavours found over the weekend! The Japanese-to-English translation on their website always cracks me up so I'll let them do the talking...

"Caramel Corn Melon Sorbet Flavors
Flavors of caramel corn summer months. Enjoy a refreshing sweet melon 'melon sorbet taste' is."

If you like Midori in your cheeky drinkie-poos, you'll like this one. Me no like the melon liqueur so the boyfriend/occasional rubbish bin had to finish the bag. Haha.

"Caramel Corn Vanilla Ice
Flavors of caramel corn summer months. Fluffy spread in your mouth richness of vanilla 'vanilla ice' is."

And I ate the whole bag in one go.

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