Tuesday, 7 December 2010

More New-To-Us Sodapops

Both bottled for the Middle East market (loads of Arabic writing on the labels and caps) but somehow ended up in the fridge of the Indian grocer across the road from us.

On the left, a clear Fanta. Now, we've seen green, red, orange and purple Fantas but never a clear one. And we weren't given any clues on the bottle. The only thing to do was to pop it open. Lemon-lime! Haha. With an end-note that reminds us of the slightly spiced sugar syrup they brush on Indian sweets?

On the left, is our first non-alcoholic beer! Haha! And we thought it was some cheeky drink manufacturer using the Holsten name illegally...until we did some Googling. It's a strawberry-flavoured malt-based drink for Muslims in the Middle East. Zero alcohol content. But very delicious, like this one. Especially with a splash of vodka. Tee hee hee.

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