Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Jumpsuit, A Bag & A Cata-zine (Or A Mag-alogue)

Jumpsuit and crocheted rosette - Big by Fiona, Shirt - Witchery, Shoes - Connie-wonnies, Bag - Free (see below)

Jumpsuit (the elasticated waist was good for the expanding-by-the-minute stomach at Chat Thai)
A new installment of "Where Are You, Navy Blue?". Tee hee hee. Again from my favourite kiddie label Big by Fiona - her Spring/Summer range has hit the stores! And she's still dishing out the navy blue!

This jumpsuit comes in a bright boilersuit orange too but they have ran out of those in my size! Usually, it's the larger sizes that are left hanging on the racks after the tiny ones are gone. Either 14-year-olds are suddenly into jumpsuits or more grown-ups are starting to shop in the kiddie section. Haha.

Bag & Cata-zine (or Mag-alogue)
The cute stripey bag came free with this...

It's one of those Japanese catalogue-cum-magazine publications that they stock at Kinokuniya and they usually come with a made-specifically-for-this-purpose freebie from the label featured. For example, the Eley Kishimoto one comes with a free umbrella with their signature zig-zaggy thunderbolt print and the Marc Jacobs one has a purse mirror.

This one features the Spring/Summer collections by the various lines under Nimes, a Japanese label. I bought it in May when it was just starting to get cold here. It wasn't the right time to share these pretty sunshine-y pictures then but now that warmer days are just around the corner, here are a few of my favourites...

The people at Nimes sure love their stripey things!

And they know how to worm their way into my heart too. Most of the clothes featured are very similar to what I already have in my closet but seeing them on these cute redheads frolicking in such happy settings made me want one of everything I see. I suppose that's the whole point of the cata-zine/mag-alogue, right? Haha.

Shapeless smocks, apron dresses and button-down shirts - I can never have enough of them!

I'll have that khaki dress, please? Thank you.

A fashion spread using pieces from yet another label under the big Nimes umbrella....

How cute is that bib-front stripey tunic?!

Feel some DIY-ing coming with some grommets and rope.

I love these "how real people adopt our products to suit their personal style" pages in Japanese magazines!

And they don't just do stripes. There are pretty florals as well!

Loads of them!

Peeks into their retail stores - it's not just clothes!

They're just so good at creating this whole complete look for you and your home. You can just imagine a girl wearing their clothes and actually living in a space like that, can't you?

I think I should enrol in a Japanese language refresher course soon because there are so many more drool-worthy things on their website which I can't read.


elle said...

whew, good to know that I'm not the only one stealthily scouring the aisles of children/tween/teen garments...but they just have the style that suitable to my tastes, not to mention that they tend to fit me better (Yay for short and petite Anyhoo, I'm even more lamenting the end of summer -- eh but I suppose one can still wear stripes and florals in the fall...

PS: My vision's not very sharp this morning, but I could not for the life of me, locate your email address -- was gonna email you more about the girly fun swap -- great idea! email me at dottedanecdotes (at) gmail

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

I've never stopped shopping in the kiddie section since I was a kid, really. Haha.
Simple fuss-free clothes, right?
Of course you can still wear stripes and florals in the Fall! I do. It's fun. xx