Monday, 6 September 2010

The Fourth Bondi Bonanza!

I went visit Ms Carpet in her 'hood again for some op-shopping over the weekend and boy, did we score! I think we did better than our first Bonanza nearly a year ago! (No, we weren't doing an "anniversary" thing. Haha. I only realised it's been so long when I was looking for the link to that post in my archives. One of the reasons why I love to blog - it helps me keep track of when I did what.)

Now, on to our cheap and cheery finds from St. Vinnie's...

Ms Carpet's happy Hawaiian print spaghetti-strappy dress. And it's not one of those printed-and-made-in-China numbers. It's a real made-in-Hawaii hostess dress.

Score-of-the-day, I think! Ms Carpet's flouncy frilly colourful dress from H&M's Garden Collection released only March this year. For a very small fraction of the original price. Woo!

I picked this out for Ms Carpet because it was in her size and in the style of the type of skirts that she likes to wear. However, in the fitting room, it didn't sit on her hips low enough so I was made to try it on.

We both thought it was a perfect fit on me and I love the Marimekko-esque print so it came home with me. Plus it's in the same colour family as the first thing that went into my basket...

...this cute shrug-let! Coming across it was one of those op shop meant-to-be moments. I was attracted to this little green crocheted bit (one of the sleeves) peeking out from a rack cramped full of cheap-and-nasty tops. Not expecting much, I pulled it out and this gem said "Hello"! Looked like some Nanna made it - the work is amazing, from the covered buttons to the little scallops all along the trim.

I think Ms Carpet and I are pretty set for Spring and Summer with so much floral-action! It's funny how we always end up with flowery things whenever we shop in Bondi together (my floral housecoat dress from our very first adventure, these from the second time and this scarf from #3).

Oh, we scored a few more other very good cheapies too but they didn't fall within our colourful floral theme so we're not putting them up. Tee hee hee.


flying carpet said...

I forgot about our previous floral finds! It's quite a trend for us. Just realised I have purchasd 8 new dresses in the past week and a half. outta control!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

I think it's the Bondi beach air! Haha.

But they were good bargains those eight dresses! xx