Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The Fifteenth Day Of The Eighth Month

That's today. On the Chinese calender. The page is printed in red instead of the usual green because it's the Mid-Autumn Festival. It's also known as the Moon Festival to some but to me, it's always been the Mooncake Festival because I get to eat loads of them! Yay!

The cute packaging that some of them cakes come in. They all used to be packed in such kitschy tins but over the years, plastic has slowly taken over. Boo.

This is an individually-packed miniature mooncake. For cuteness. And easy-eating Haha. They also come in larger sizes and packs of multiple cakes.

My favourite mooncake filling - lotus seed paste and salted egg yolk. There are loads of newfangly fillings these days but I still love this most basic one for its simplicity - the delicate balance of the sweetness from the paste and the slight brininess of the yolk. Nyum.

Oh, it was also the Lantern Festival to me when I was a child because I get to play with candles and do silly things like this. Festivals are always much more fun when you're a kid!

When you're older, it's all about the special food that you get to eat, I think. And you also get festivals all mixed up. Haha. Ms Carpet wanted to know the story behind this festival and I only just realised that I told her the wrong one! I got the very romantic tale of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl (for Qixi Festival) confused with the right story. Oops.

Enjoy the full moon tonight!


Jin6655321 said...

The moon cakes looks delicious and I love the vintage looking tin! I'll have to stop by the local Asian grocery store and see if I can find any. I've never tried lotus seed paste before.

flying carpet said...

Oh I liked that story anyway! Will have to read the real one. And eat my mooncake. Happy Moon festival! xx

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Jin,
Any luck finding some mooncakes?
If you have a yum cha/dim sum place where you live, you might be able to find steamed buns with lotus seed filling. They are good! xx

Hey Carpie,
Haha. We went to Chinatown over the weekend hoping to find discounted mooncakes (they usually sell them cheap after the festival) and they were all gone! Haha. xx