Monday, 19 July 2010

The Wash Basins On Cockatoo Island

From Saturday's little trip across the waters.

I like photo-documenting things in sets sometimes, if you haven't already noticed.

There were all these old wash basins, at least one in each building, on the island waiting to be "collected" on my memory card. I liked how they look, all sad and lonely. Like the last puppy left in the window of a pet shop looking at me forlornly, begging to be taken home. I would have taken one of them sinks home if it was legal.

I wasn't alone! Someone else loved them too!

Somewhere in the middle of our trek across the island, we came across a huge mural outside the public toilets. A collage of beautiful black and white photos of the wash basins found on the island! Way way better pictures than mine so I stopped photographing basins the rest of the day.

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