Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Breeding Bunnies

Our bury (just found out that that's the collective noun for rabbits!) of bunnies - Marshmallow is the littlest, followed by hot pink Biffa and then Coconut-Hopscotch that I so need to find the time to finish and make new pals for.

The boyfriend constantly asks, "Why do girls always go goo-goo-ga-ga over fluffy things like bunnies?" I don't know! Because they are cute? Despite the occasional ribbing, I think he secretly quite likes them too. Haha. Enough to drive me out West a second time to try to adopt these...

Green flocked bunnikins! Aren't they just darling-some?!

Image from here

The bunny version of Jeff Koons' Puppy sculpture, in miniature!

We chanced upon them two weeks ago in the shop window of an antiques shop when we were out on one of our old furniture trawl-trips but the shop was shut. We went back again over the weekend and it still was not open so I jotted down their phone number and called them this morning.

Bad news! The man said they are not for sale because they were given to him for Christmas by a lady who brought them all the way back from France. My dream of creating a topiary on our green rug...shattered!


Ms. Bloom said...

I've seen them before at Harem Boutique in Fitzroy Melbourne! Not sure if they'll still be there but its worth giving them a call.

b. said...

oh the puppy!! i saw that in bilbio when i was a kid, it was the best thing ever!


selina said...

Oh dear, I can see why you wanted to buy green flocked bunnikins so badly. I would too.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Ms Bloom,
Thank you very much for the lead! Wow!
I shall give them a call tomorrow.
If they do have them, I owe you a big one!!!! xx

Hey b,
You lucky lucky girl!!!
He installed another one here in Sydney but I wasn't living here yet. Boo. xx

Hey Nah-nah!
Tee hee hee. I hope I find them in the Melbourne shop that Ms Bloom recommended. xx