Sunday, 16 May 2010

Smug Bug

I turned 40 on Friday. I'm now what my pals in Singapore would label an "old vegetable". A crunchy young thing no more.

I woke up yesterday thinking, just for fun, I should dress my age to go to the celebratory brunch instead of wearing my usual "young" clothes. You know, entertain my pals a little? But nothing I put on made me look 40. Lucky me, huh? Haha. Nanna-esque vintage dresses...pearls...pumps...all didn't work!

I gave up trying and went in this happy stripey thing from my stash of kiddie clothes - a sweater-dress made for a 12-year-old (with slight leg-of-mutton sleeves!). And felt kind of smug knowing that I have a few more years left to wear "youthful" clothes before I get the "mutton dressed as lamb" label slapped on me. Tee hee hee.


Natalie said...

Hey Happy Birthday Ping. It'll be my turn to celebrate the big 4-0 in a few months. But I think 40 is the new 20 nowadays isn't it?

Hope you had a great day.

selina said...

I agree with Natalie, 40 is the new 20! and I'm glad you didn't try to dress 40 because the above outfit you went with looks 'you'. Originally Likkle Girl : ) Hope your weekend was fabulous!


katiecrackernuts said...

Dress how you dress, not for your age I say. And Happy Birthday - you old chook (good ole' Aussie crappola for ya).

Lien said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Are you up for drinks again yet?

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Natalie!
Thank you! I think 40 might just be the new 20 too! I had so much to drink and I woke up the next day feeling fine. No hangovers. Just like being in my 20s again! Haha.
I wish the same for you! Will you be throwing a massive tea party? xx

Hey Nah-nah,
Tried as I did, I couldn't look "old". Haha!
I'll just wait for the right time to come. But I might not want it then! xx

Hey Katie,
Tee hee hee. Big "Thank You's" from this old chook. I love that word! xx

Hey Lien!
Thank you!
In a couple of weeks, I'll be. After the move. And looking forward to my first tatting lesson! Woo! xx

B. said...

Little late, but someone once said: "better late than never", so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Muimuimui* Oh, and I overheard this at a dinner table few months back, "we are no longer spring chickens, so pile on the SK II!", and couldn't agree more.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey B,
Thank you!
Haha! I should start looking using SK II. x

Room to Think said...

no way you're 40, what nonsense! you're like in your late 20s for sure!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Room To Think,
No, I NEVER lie about my age.
There's no need to. Wahahahaha! x