Sunday, 21 March 2010

Enroute To The Most Expensive Op Shop In Sydney

Yesterday morning, Ms Carpet took me on another mini tour of her neighbourhood. This time to the Charing Cross/Bronte Road area - a little pocket of cute shops not too far away from Bondi Junction.

Residents along that street sure love their hibiscus! This pink larger-than-my-palm one was the first one we spotted.

Followed by white ones and orange ones and yellow ones! There's a hibiscus shrub in nearly all the front yards that we walked by.

At our first shop-stop, Bronte Tram, we found a lone avocado tree amongst all the antique outdoor furniture in their back yard!

It's the first time I've seen the green fruits still attached to the branches. I was very tickled!

Where there's flora, there's fauna...chicks and eggs on Easter meringues in window of the neighbourhood bakery.

Then we arrived at the St Vincent op shop - my first visit. It was huge! There were loads of racks to go through but things were way over-priced for a thrift store.

Someone who works there must know their goods - $50 for a pair of Mavi jeans, $30 for a Sass & Bide denim skirt and $160 for a vintage fur cape. Prices that are close to those at a consignment or secondhand store! I sure hope the other op shops that we frequent don't follow suit.

We tried some clothes on but didn't leave with much.

Ms Carpet bought four of the green and red glass tumblers. I copied her and bought the remaining six, plus a gigantic floral peasant scarf.

See my floral "Chinese New Year" tumbler on the right? I got them for a quarter of the price of yesterday's "Christmas" ones. At my local op shop.

Naughty shopping-girl-maniacs like Ms Carpet and I go to op shops for cheap-purchase fixes when we are feeling poor and because we like old things and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. However, there are people who really are strapped for cash and the only "new" things that they can afford are bargains from these charity shops.

I think it's not right for op shops to charge exorbitant amounts for things just because they have a designer label on them or because they have some retro-flavour. But I also can't help but wonder if people like Ms Carpet and myself - bargain hunters who are not on the dole, collectors of old things, vintage lovers - might have contributed to this rise in price. Oops.


flying carpet said...

Can't believe the $50 Mavi jeans. Their prices have definitely risen over the past few months!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

And the few secondhand shops near me don't charge that much! x