Monday, 1 February 2010

Pink Monday!

Sharing some pretty pink-ness on a day that's usually associated with the colour blue.

Opening this happy package from sweet ol' AusStyle this morning made my day! Especially after the hassle at the post office (they failed to deliver a collection notice for the parcel again - the third time this year/month!). Hope the cuteness within will bring a few smiles, chuckles even, to yours.

Don't be fooled by the shades of pink. It's not all candy-coated sugar-and-spice-and-all-things-nice. Haha. That AusStyle is a cheeky one.

The Agnes B. dusty-pink make-up bag is the only thing that is what it seems to be.

Hello Kitty is not just pretty face. She doubles as a tape measure too! Genius!

Now I can throw out that ratty piece of Ikea paper tape measure that I carry around in the notebook in my bag allmost of the time! Yes, I'm a geek. Tape measures are handy when we're out shopping or thrifting. We never know when we'll chance upon something cheap and cheery for the tiny apartment and it's good to know instantly if it'll fit into the limited amount of shelf-space/corners/wallspace that we have.

Now, that's where all the girly pink sweetness ends.

This book...

...this hot pink book had me stitches!

AusStyle and I share a love for humour that's quite rubbish (doesn't mean that we don't appreciate the dry sort). And she knows that I like photographing silly things on the streets and on public walls so this, to me, is a bloody thoughtful gift.

Here's a few pages that "popped" during my quick flip of the book this morning...

You can view more on the author's website - new ones by him and also readers' contributions.

Back to work...

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