Monday, 11 January 2010

Colourful Edibles

My pal/"personal shopper" Poochie in Singapore and I were chatting last night and she wanted to know what we bought on our weekly food-shopping trip. There are a few places that we shop at - Paddy's Market in Chinatown, the Eveleigh Farmers' Markets or Harris Farm Markets, a greengrocer chain. We went to Harris Farm yesterday.

~ Leek - I chopped off the green top, which I never use anyway, for easy storage.

~ Baby asparagus - They are the cutest things! Compare their size to that of the beans. Poochie says that asparagus relieves water-retention in the body. I didn't know that.

~ Beans - See the poor thing in the shape of a ""? I like mutant vegetables!

~ Red capsicum - The half left over from last week needs a friend.

~ Pears and Granny Smith apples - These will go into salads or be eaten as they are. For daily juicing, we get cheaper and uglier (but still tasty) fruits in bulk from Paddy's Market.

~ Figs - With blue cheese and honey in a salad or a tart. Nyum!

~ Lemons - I like to have lemons in the fridge all the time. So many uses for them.

~ Corn - I plan to make some corn fritters but if I get lazy they'll be roasted on-the-cob in the oven with loads of butter, salt flakes and a sprinkle of sweet paprika.

~ Harris Farm's Plain Yoghurt - This is the one thing that makes us go there again and again and again. I don't usually like yoghurt that has added-gelatine but this one is sooo tasty that I blank that ingredient out in my head.

~ Passionfruit - To eat with the yoghurt and homemade toasted muesli.

~ Tri-coloured fusilli - They came in a bag all mixed up but I separated them while watching TV last night. (Why is there always more of the plain ones than the coloured ones?!)

The boyfriend thinks I'm mad whenever I do the separation thing but I hate it when, for example, the red ones interfere with the general colour scheme of a green and white pasta dish. You know what I mean? I like to be able to control the colours that I put on a plate. Alright, that does sound a little loopy but it makes me happy.

~ Wood Smoked Tuna - I love the smell of cured meats. And the taste when I used to eat them. Since I don't anymore, I'm glad there is a whole selection of smoky fishy things to choose from.

There, Poochie. Not a big haul this week because we have bits and pieces in the fridge from last week that we have to use up.

Oh, you like my colourful ching-chong made-in-China plastic baskets? We bought them in all six colours available to store our juicing fruits in the fridge. Stop them from rolling everywhere. And add colour to the old shelves.


monkeycrab said...

Ok I was going to ask about those colourful baskets (I was wondering if those belong to you, and if not, why haven't I seen such pretty baskets in any of those shopping places you mentioned - when I got to the end of the entry and saw your answer. LOL.

I find the separation of the coloured fusilli very funny indeed! Reminds me of my childhood days where I used to help my Grandma separate the short grain rice from the long grain ones! And the green beans from the red beans because they somehow were always sold to us all mixed up in the same bag!

Oh oh oh... and why do I only see plants and not animals (fish not counted) in this entry? You don't eat meat?

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey MonkeyCrab,
Those baskets are really the ching-chong type. Haha! I loved the colours (the other two in red and blue not featured here) but the boyfriend said I can't buy them if they are just going to sit in the cupboard looking pretty. So I made up a use for them. You can buy them at Thai Kee Supermarket in Chinatown. But the last time I looked, they've sold out of some colours which I'm sure they'll re-stock again.

You know my "yim tsim" nature. Tee hee hee.

I have only eaten fish, other things from the sea and some poultry for the last 23 years. I always say I don't eat the meat off animals with four legs to make it easy for pals who want to cook for me. xx

yAnn said...

oh my gosh, these look YUMMY!!!
the colours are so vibrant.

W said...

I was going to say you should try the Blackforest Smokehouse down in Marrickville/Enmore. I get steaks & double smoked chicken there for Tiff, though I've ben totally veggie for about..ooh...(thinks)...16 or more years (no fish, nothing with a face or digestive system!)


The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey yAnn,
They say you should eat a good mix of vegetables in all colours. Tee hee hee. xx

Hey Will,
Oooooh! DOUBLE smoked chicken! I'll put that down on my To-Visit list!

Lucky Tiff! My boyfriend LOVES meat but I don't buy or cook meat at home for him. He eats what I eat.

Wahahahahahaha! "Nothing with a face or digestive system!"! My meat-eating friends will hate cooking for you more than they hate cooking for me. xx