Sunday, 20 December 2009

Bunnikins Goes To A Little Bazaar

Going to attempt doing a fashion blogger-type post. You know, go on about what I wore yesterday and not much else.

Bunny Ears
I made them. My second pair in the same fabric because a sweet old gentleman persuaded me to sell him the first pair at the last market. He wanted to give them to his daughter for Christmas. I offered to make him a pair from the same fabric but he insisted on having my pair.

Chambray Dress
From Zara in Singapore when we were home last year for a holiday. I love anything chambray!

Homemade again. I insist on wearing matchy-matchy New Ears and New Jewels.

A leather and suede tool pouch that I modified. It's such a good little market bag - the pockets are perfect for storing change and to keep essentials within easy reach. Quite a few people have asked to buy them and I will sell them soon, once I find more of the tool pouches to modify - bought all they had at my regular hardware shop and haven't seen any suitable ones in other shops.

I'm really getting value for my money with these Swedish Hasbeens. I've been wearing them nearly everyday since I got them. They are the best shoes ever! Thinking of getting another pair soon.

Oh, and need to book in for a haircut soon! The longer side has grown much faster than the short side. Too heavy for my liking.


selina said...

I think new ears and jewels go well together! bunny face sticker you drew looks good too!

PS: the stickers I gave, were there white background?

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Nah-nah!
The "stickers" you made me are on a white background. But it's not that! I couldn't cut-and-paste it at all from your file to mine. You know I'm not very good with such things. Sorry you wasted your time making them for me. xx

selina said...

no it's okay! i'll think of a way : )

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Oh, Nah-nah! Don't worry about it. I'll just continue drawing my own bunny faces. Quite enjoy it. Tee hee hee. xx