Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sadly, We Didn't Make It

The Beading & Embellishment class homework story continues...

Attached the last row of the blue satin "feathers" on the Peacock panel and sewed on the four rows of tiny beads just above them an hour before class yesterday. Didn't have time to put the red satin "scales" on the Fish side.

Winged my way through the presentation of my inspiration boards and half-completed product and got my certificate! I mean, it's an evening class for "mature" students. They are not going to fail us.

Nosey pals who are wondering what happened to the Miss Know-it-all in my class....I found out that she's a designer! Shock! Horror! For some "Designed in Australia. Mass-produced in China" disposable fashion wholesaler. And of course she had to irritate me one last time last night.

She asked where I bought the strips of beads that I've used around the borders of the panels. Strips of beads?! (Cue "Bitchy Likkle Girl") STRIPS OF BEADS?! I handstitched each and every one of them, big ones, littles ones, onto the fabric myself, I said to her! It's no wonder she's working where she's working. If she's a chef (well, more likely a cook), she'll be what we call a "cowboy" one, one who doesn't give a shit about the quality of the food she produces and uses all the putrid instant and convenient products available. People who don't take pride in their work get to me.

And why pay good money to attend the course and not make the most of it by applying everything that we've learnt to the final piece? She was the first to finish her project weeks ago. Easy, because she made a cape out of a strip of feathers and chiffon, and added a few shiny beads here and there.

Well, you might be able to be the judge of that some time in November - our teacher liked our pieces enough to ask the principal of the fashion college to put up our work at the full-time students' graduating show. She's not said "yes" but I'd better go finish mine just in case she does.


Jin6655321 said...

Wow! It looks AMAZING!

WendyB said...

Oh lord, "Where'd you buy that?" I guess some people think there are shortcuts to everything...

personalshopper said...

Whoa!! The feathers look fantastic! Can't wait to see the finished red scales and loved the beaded border!

I was thinking about you in my drugged-out stupor, wondering how did the last class go..

: *

flying carpet said...

It's looking absolutely beautiful! Wearable art. Can't wait to see the finished product! xx

A dreamer said...

HAHA! nothing like a bit of competition to egg you on..

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Jin!
Thank you for the CAPITAL letters. xx

Yo, Ms B,
It's like someone asking if you bought those skulls in bulk and plonked them on your rings? Haha. xx

Hey Poochie,
Thank you for calling last night.
Hope you're feeling better today! xx

Hey Carpie,
I can't wait to finish! Haha. xx

Yo, Hamu-dreamer,
Competition? What competition? Tee hee hee. xx