Friday, 23 October 2009

Four Generations

"Stripey Thing" - Remo General Store, Denim Skirt - Sportsgirl, Stripey Sash - part of a pair of shorts, Boots - secondhand Frye, Bag - very old Orla Kiely, Neck-thing - Acme Thunderer Whistle (from Remo again. Chain not included)

Lunch yesterday with four generations of females in my family - my grandma, my mom, my aunt, her daughter (my cousin) and my cousin's two little girls - was like one of those Chinese clan association meetings that my grandpa used to attend. Even though they were all-men affairs. Like an old boys' club.

No, "clan" is not a euphemism for "gang", as in "gangsters". The associations were set up by Chinese migrants in countries that they have settled in so they could hang out with other folks from their province and, you know, help each other out in a strange land.

Eating dim sum and drinking tea for lunch at Kam Fook added more Chinese "flavour". Haha. The food wasn't great, though. Has never been for me but my cousin picked the place because it's close to her home and kid-friendly. Marigold wins hands down.

My grandma and aunt, the craftsters that they are, spotted the rosette on my sash right away. Grandma, quite blind at 80-something, thought it was store-bought. My aunt told her to have a better look, that that was how I fastened the sash, with a "flower" knot. Haha.

My mom asked if I've run out of clothes or if the Stripey Thing is flavour-of-the-month because she's seen me wear it so often. It's the latter.

Ms Carpet was right when she told me that I'll not want to wear anything else for a while after buying a Stripey Thing. She didn't after she got hers. I feel sorry for the other stripey numbers in my wardrobe.

After lunch, we went back to my aunt's to drop the pressies I got for my mom and dad (thus the big red Santa sack). It got warm too so I got aunt to stop by mine so I could change from boots to sandals before we headed out west to...

..."Little India" in Flemington, where we were two weekends ago, to see her Indian lady for my first session of threading. My grandma, mom and aunt got their face done too.

This is grandma getting her face "scraped" by the lovely Nenu and a piece of thread on her nifty fingers.

What she does is sort of roll the thread very close to the skin and whatever "hairlicles" (what I call fine tiny hair) and dead skin that get trapped between the rolling thread gets removed.

I thought it would hurt but it was pretty relaxing, really. Like getting your face massaged at a facial. Bits of my face felt a little tender after the session but it went away pretty soon after.

Exfoliation and epilation in one go! With no chemicals involved. I was sold. Will be going back with my aunt the next time she does.

And if I ever organise a girly party, like a hen's night, I'm going to get Nenu to come thread the girls' faces.

Herbal Hair & Beauty
3/22 Henley Road
Homebush West
Phone: 8746 0400


flying carpet said...

Cute outfit! Yet another way to wear our favourite tee.

I understand "feeling sorry" for other items in your wardrobe!

Threading intrigues me, guess you can get anywhere threaded?

selina said...

i'm loving this outfit!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Carpie,
Wondering now if I should get the red one to complete the collection. Haha!

Threading - I asked Nenu the same question! I'm afraid it's only possible on areas with fine hair. Course hair will be too hard on her fingers - the thread will cut into them. And the thread might break too. xx

Hey Nah-nah,
Because it's girlier than most of my usual outfits? Tee hee hee. xx

Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Oh thank god you can get threading back in Oz. I was thinking that I would have to go hairy if/when we move back. I'm addicted to threading - tis the only way to go. And it's HUGE over here in the UK. There are even threading bars at Westfield! xx

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Top Bird,
We'll have to throw a Threading Party if/when you come back then!

And persuade Nenu to open a branch in the city but charge Flemington price. We have threading places in the city but they are so expensive.

Wow! I'll have to tell my aunt and grandma about how big threading is in the UK! My grandma knows how to thread and used to throw threading parties when I was a child - she would do her friends' faces and one of them would do hers back. But sadly, her fingers are not as nifty anymore. I want to learn how to do it! xx