Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Sharing Some Citrusy Cheer

The kitchen is smelling fresh like a citrus fruit orchard too!

Finally got my act together today and transformed the various pulpy fruits that I've "collected" over the last few weeks into a pot of marmalade.

The blood oranges are from the Gorman House Markets in Canberra - the most-darling farmer's first pick of the season. Also from his farm are the giant pink grapefruits. The "ruby" oranges (a very tasty cross between the ruby grapefruit and the navel orange), we bought from a stall at the Marrickville Farmers' Markets.

Only after I made the marmalade did I realise that all the fruits used were organically-grown! Our Gorman organic cotton tea towel has got it so right again. Tee hee hee.

Want some to eat with your toast? I've got a jar of happiness to share after divvying the stuff up.

The marmalade is happy to travel to where you are as long as it's a country where the Customs officers are not going to keep it and eat it all. Simply say "I want to play Paddington Bear!" in a comment before, say, end of this Friday? If there are more than one of you, your names will go into a bush hat. Let's play! Before I eat it all.


katiecrackernuts said...

I keep seeing marmalade on blogs and though I was never keen as a kid, I have fallen for the stuff. Yummo. I can smell the spiced citrus goodness.

Lien said...

I want to play Paddington Bear!! But if he can't come, can he send the recipe?

Glowing Doll said...


Nicky said...

I want to play Paddington Bear! Go organics!!

And thank you for sharing your tips on your Canberra visit - I waas there on the weekend & spent hours at the Markets,Glassworks, & antique shop - much fun!And oh those churros...

Farren said...

I'd love some of your marmalade. =) You make it look so good!

Farren said...

Oops! I forgot to say: I want to play paddington bear! =)

PetitePrincesse said...

I really want to play paddington bear!! Thank you for all your posts about the little discoveries on the footpath. Keeps me entertained looking for them on the way home :)

gretchb said...

just wanted to tell you that i LOVE your site! i too love food and fashion!! check out my site here:

Gervy said...

I want to play Paddington bear!

Hey, is there much sugar in marmalade? I was thinking it would be great for my Papa, except he is on a very extreme diet and is cutting down sugar as well as animal fats now... bah!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Katie,
My marmalade-eating habit came late too, when I started making my own. I'm still more a berry jam girl.

So should I put your name in the hat? x

Hey Lien!
Good to see you here again! I'll send you the recipe if you send me your email address. x

Hey Doll,
Tee hee hee. Thank you.
You don't want to play? x

Hello Nicky,
Thank you for saying "hello"! Hope to see you here again.

You're welcome. I'm glad my little Canberra tips were useful. Did you go to Salvage Vintage?

Your name is in the hat! x

Hey Farren,
You're in, girl!

And what's up with "A Girl Brushed Red"? Haven't been able to log on lately. x

Hello Petite Princesse,
Thank you for popping by!

Tee hee hee! You're welcome. Have you found new ones? I'd love it if you share the locations and some photos!

Your name is in the hat! x

Hello Gretchen,
Thank you for stopping by! Very happy to "meet" girls who love food and fashion.

Wow! Just had a little peek at your site - it's looks so good and professional! Will be back for more. x

Dear Gigi,
You don't have to enter the draw. There's a jar set aside for you already! Unless you're gweedy and want a chance to win a second jar?

There is MUCH sugar in the marmalade. The end result is not overly sweet but it needs that amount of sugar to get to the "jelly" stage.

Poor Papa. Does he feel like he's missing out? xx

Gervy said...

I feared as much. No, Papa doesn't seem to feel like he's missing out, but if I were him I'd be miserable.

Um, I just realised the connection between Paddington Bear and marmalade. Only took me all day to process that.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Gigi,
I'd be miserable too! And whatever you do, please don't buy Papa those disgusting jams made for diabetics. Vile.

Wahahahahahahaha! Did you think Paddington love honey like the Pooh? x