Friday, 14 August 2009

New Toy - A Hunk Of Metallic Love

My mom's sexy old pasta machine is now properly mine! My aunt was back in Singapore last week for a short holiday and all 2.5kg of him (I've named him Dr Teeth) came home with her.

While some girls lustfully eye the old designer pieces in their moms' wardrobe (my non-consumaterialistic mother has none except for a few pairs of vintage Bally which are not in my size...damn!), I hungrily look into her kitchen storage cabinets for gadgets that I can inherit. And there are quite a few. And my mom, she is happy to be rid of Dr Teeth and see him put to good regular use because she doesn't make fancy feasts anymore now that her "spoilt brat" has moved away.

If I'm quiet here on the blog, you can assume that I'm getting re-acquainted with Dr Teeth, cranking away, covered in flour, making babies - my own crispy cannoli tubes, ultra-thin gyoza wrap and pasta in all shapes and flavour I can think of.

And singing this in my best karaoke voice (Dr Teeth, my hunky Italian stallion, has that effect on me. Those made-in-China pieces of cheap metal just don't measure up).


Sel said...

looks new to me :)
homemade pasta is the best!

chou said...

Congrats on your new toy! Mine has survived two years of serving as a research machine, and is now back resting in the bliss of eternal pasta afterlife.

flying carpet said...

Great name!

Have fun with Dr Teeth this weekend - love the sounds of those gyoza! x

Icy @ Individual Chic said...

When I first saw the photos, I was thinking "modern art? some sort of funky new jewelery?". You have most artistically photographed your lovely pasta maker!

yAnn said...

Oh this looks amazing!
Looking forward to seeing more handmade pasta dishes here. ;)

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Nah-nah,
I think my mom bought it more than ten years ago but she takes good care of her things. There are some rusty bits that I have to get rid of before I use it - don't want brown streaks ruining my dough! xo

Hey Ms Carpet,
Tee hee hee. Thought you'll approve.

I don't know if Dr Teeth will get any action this weekend - I've got a very sore shoulder (since the day of our date) which is not very helpful when it comes to dough kneading...

You should try Nah-nah's mommy's gyoza recipe! Very easy and delicious! xx

Hey Icy,
Haha! Thank you. That was the intention. Dr Teeth is quite sexy, isn't he? x

Hey yAnn!
Thank you for popping by!

I think the first thing that I'll make Dr Teeth do are cannoli tubes...sweet things...nyum. Hee hee. After I fix my sore shoulder with another painful visit to the Chinese "sinseh". x

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Chou,
Damn! I missed your comment! Apologies!

Exactly what did you make your Dr Teeth do in the name of science?!

Is he happier making pasta now? x

shilvia said...

yummmm...i can so picture you experimenting with this baby of yours!!! love how u took the picture...

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

I'm afraid I haven't done anything with him, Shilvia. You will know when I do. Tee hee hee. x