Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lime Sherbet, Coconut Ash Ice Cream And Hotcakes

"Lime Sherbet" Linen T-shirt - Zoe Tees, "Coconut Ash" Multiway-of-wear Maxi Vest - Tigerlily, Cut-offs - from secondhand jeans, Shoes - Connie-wonnies, Mini Granny Purse on necklace - Becksondergaard (pressie from Mommy Noi-noi), Watch - PXR-5 by Michael Young

If I was a frozen confection, I would either melt or get diluted today, if the forecast, a high of 28°C with showers, was right but we were caught in only one very light drizzle and the temperature was just right.

And I wasn't attempting to do a sundae glass pose here. Jarvis, another of my future ex-husbands, was in the CD player and I couldn't keep still.

That man! *swoon*

Anyway, we left him at home and went to Ikea, stopping along the way at the slowest McDonald's in the world for more laughs. We've been trying to get up early enough the last few weekends to try make it there (actually, any McDonald's) before 10.30am for breakfast - their Big Breakfast for the boyfriend and Hotcakes for me - but we've not been hearing the alarm.

I thought I would have to settle for another Filet-o-Fish (not that I would have minded) but that McDonald's has finally done something right! They are serving Hotcakes all day "for a limited time only"!

Mine! All mine! With an extra blob of whipped butter (which I suspect is not really butter - no ingredients listed on the packaging).

Was quite tempted to order a soft-serve ice cream to slather all over them. Would have been good with some lime sherbet or coconut ash ice cream, I think. Hee.

Very quickly gone. With or without ice cream.

Spotted on our way home...

..."DIM SIM"!?

Of course it had to be an Asian dude with a heavily-gelled spiky up-do behind the wheel of the lurid garlic-chive-and-spinach-dumpling-on-wheels!

The "WA55UP" personalised number plate that the boyfriend saw last year on a bogan's The Fast and the Furious-lookalike car has been relegated to second place as of this afternoon.


katiecrackernuts said...

Tee hee. Love the car. The outfit looks fabulous - as always.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Katie,
Isn't the number plate just hilarious?!
Thank you. Looking forward to Summer! x

jackelodeon said...

love your 'lime sherbet' tee!

shilvia said...

that hotcakes....yummmm!!!

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Miss J -
"Sheng jing bing" me just realised that I've got two more tucked away, indifferent shades and cuts. Must have been going through a phase. xx

Shilvia -
Yah! The first MacDonalds ones that I've had in many years. x