Saturday, 16 May 2009

Cruella...Cruella de Vil...

When I grow up, I want a fur wardrobe like Cruella de Vil's.

I think it's an extension of my love of furry plush toy animals as a child (hard plastic dolls weren't my thing). And the novelty (I lived in the Tropics for most of my life) of being able to wear fur and pretend that I am my favourite cuddly teddy. I'd love to be swathed in big soft and fluffy furry things every cold day with Cruella's insouciance.

Yes, with all the politics and ethics that come with draping the coat of dead animals upon one's body, I think one has to be rather thick-skinned and possess a devil-may-care attitude to properly wear fur. Until the day it becomes the norm like back in the glamourous good ol' days where no one bats an eyelid when you wear a dead fox around your neck.

Vintage Fur Gilet - RetroSheila, White Top - Country Road, Secondhand Wool Men's Pants - Thrift Store, Tw0-tone Belt - Witchery, Loafers - Wannabe by Patrick Cox, Bag - Mimco

Last night, I took my bunny gilet out for its first ever walkie out of the house. A few girls, strangers, came up to me at the bar to stroke it and all of them ended our short conversations with something along the line of a snide-y "Oh, as long as it's vintage. It IS, isn't it?". Our gay busboy, when we sat down for dinner, said the same thing. And from the number of dagger eyes I occasionally caught from around the crowded room, I knew those people were thinking similar thoughts.

I don't dress to provoke. I don't like strangers paying me extra attention, good or bad, because of what I wear. I just want to be able to wear what I want whenever I want. And last night, I wanted to take my long-dead bunnies out for a spin. Simple.

Those people made me feel like I should be wearing a placard around my neck each time I go out wearing fur to save me repeating myself, justifying my choice, "Yes, it's old fur. Lapin from about four decades ago, if you must know. Don't judge me because I'm wearing the fur of dead critters. The number of four-legged animals that I've "saved" in the last 23 years by not buying and eating the meat off their backs is more than the few dead rabbits on my back so leave me and my bunnies alone."

But that's not going to stop me. My capes (all old fur, of course, for, as "unethical" as I might sound, I will never buy the new first-hand stuff like Cruella) will be coming out of storage as soon as the temperature drops further. The animals have already been killed yonks ago and made into coats - it'd be a huge waste not to show them some love.

And you know what irks me more, with some of these holier-than-thou folks? The fact that they would not hesitate to don a fur coat the day fashion glossies say it's "in" which, by the look of things, is near. These people are, after all, already wearing leather and wool, and eating meat without guilt.


E(ileen) said...

I do faux fur, because my skin crawls when I think of real fur on myself -- been brainwashed already, vintage or not! That said I do secretly wish I could be engulfed in a huge fur coat a la Carrie Bradshaw, and I suppose in really cold climates there IS nothing better.

Funny story: the men who moved house for us got upset when they got my wardrobe, and told the boy that I wasn't very kind to animals, until he went, 'Uh, mate, they're not real...'

RonGav said...

Funny, I do REAL fur.. but don't expect others to do so. There is nothing warmer and softer. Just ask your neighborhood Russian.

The sensuality of fur is a whole other issue that deserves another blog. In the meantime I enjoy.

A dreamer said...

i'm betting that 90% of those people that judged you wear leather.

I think fur (real or fake) is considered by most to be so 'out' these days...kinda like uber low cut jeans...

like most, i'm pretty anti-fur unless, yes, it's vintage...
but i try not to judge especially since i'm a big meat eater and i wear leather.
i actually choose not to wear fur (real or fake), just because i don't like the look of it XD

Oh yeah, and everyone hates turning a cute animal into clothing....but people don't really have problems with cows turning into leather coz cows aren't as cute as rabbits.
haha. like my theory?

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Eileen -
To each his/her own. I don't do fake fur because it's like designer handbags, if I can't have the original, I'd rather not have any than carry fakes.

Also, faux fur, being of a synthetic nature, doesn't allow my body to "breathe" like real fur does - not good when I already have winter layers beneath.

RonGav -
Thank you for stopping by.

You are so right about the warmth and softness! The warmth is something that I would not have discovered if I hadn't worn one. It sure beats loads of layers.

And I enjoy with you! x

Dreamer -
Haha! I want to bring fur back in! Not low-cut jeans, though.

Very sound theory! Cuteness always wins! And when people eat meat, it's presented as a chunk so you really can't picture the cow? Not like when eating a whole fish. And leather, when made into bags and shoes, don't resemble anything like the animals that they were made from? But with fur, especially, things like a fox stole, you still kind of "see" the animal. xx

Icy said...

Once I had jazzed up a very daggy woolen overcoat with a faux fur collar (I was about 20 at the time). I have to say the fur was obviously fake as well, loud zebra prints (most zebra's are not that furry). One day when I was shopping in the city, I was abused by a trendy/dress man that I was wearing fur and I was killing animals. I looked at him incredulously and stammered out (not being used to being abused by random strangers) "but it's faux". He looked awkward and marched off.

I still to this day don't know if he realised he abused an innocent girl just trying to make her cheap coat look better.

I have to say my problem with fur is that the fur industry in previous centuries forced animal populations close to extinction. If fur is vintage or if it is farmed (with humane practices) I don't have a problem. I have to say, it's not for me though. It just doesn't work with my look.

Jin6655321 said...

I agree, wearing fur isn't any different than wearing leather or eating meat (both, which I love...). I mean, is there a humane way to kill any animal? Not that I'm all gung-ho about animals dying for my selfish needs but I'm not going to pretend that killing animal for food is any better than killing them for clothing.

My mom has a big Cruella de Vil like coat and it's like being hugged by a polar bear- in a good way. However, furs look really funny on me so I don't think I'll be buying fur any time soon.

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Icy -
Oh, poor 20-year-old you! But you ought to congratulate yourself for making the fake zebra look so real!

I'm not advocating fur-wearing but I think fur is very easy to incorporate into every look. x

Jin -
Hello! Always good to hear from you.

I know a couple of older gentlemen from your Southern states who are gung-ho militant meat eaters. They believe that it's their right to own firearms, hunt for animals and eat them because animals are bred for that sole purpose. But under that exterior, they are the sweetest and most generous grand-pappy type guys. I guess what I'm trying to say is that strangers shouldn't use what we choose to wear and eat as a gauge for the type of people we are? I'm sure they are vegetarians out there who are doing very evil things.

Hugged by a polar bear? I want!!! xx