Friday, 13 March 2009

Degustation In The Park - Taste Of Sydney Food Festival

Display of tulips, pomegranates and figs at Ottoman's stall

The boyfriend and I got home not too long ago from two hours of non-stop eating, drinking and fine food-and-wine tasting at the Taste of Sydney Food Festival at the ever-so-beautiful Centennial Park.

I'm hastily posting this in an alcohol-induced haze for food-loving Sydney-dwelling readers (hello!) who might not have received the memo - there are only two more days, tomorrow and Sunday, left of the four-day scrumptious feast fest featuring 15 of Sydney's top restaurants, each presenting three of their signature dishes! If you love good food and wine, you'd knock yourself, hard, if you miss this.

Alright, the "deets" (a word I would hesitate to use if I was sober)...
~ Tickets - you can get them at the door or online here. We're glad we got ours way beforehand - we thought going on a Friday afternoon (when everyone else is at work) for the lunch session would mean less of a queue for everything but we were wrong.
~ Crowns - their posh word for coupons. The restaurants only except these. We got 90 crowns when we ordered our tickets (30 each with our premium tickets and an extra 30 because we are gluttons). If you run out (we did and bought 60 more), there are crown-selling booths on site.

Once you get in, you'll need the menu. Like at a music festival, you'll want to plot your method of attack. We suggest eating your top choices and then work your way down to less attractive dishes - your stomach will thank you.

The fun of the whole event is creating your own degustation menu with food from all the restaurants.

Here's a sample of what we ate that I remembered to photograph.

The boyfriend's Saddle of Suckling Pig with Crackling and Baby Garden Peas from Restaurant Balzac - his dish-of-the-day which he ate most of while I was waiting for...

...the Salmon Dolma at Ottoman Cuisine. This "salmon, cray and prawn wrapped in vine-leaves, lightly battered, served with piquant sauce" number is my favourite of the day.

A Mojito and Ping Pong (lychees and passionfruit muddled then shaken with 42 Below Passionfruit Vodka, lychee and lime juice) from the famous Longrain Cocktail Bar.

Pastrami of Kingfish with Smoked Oysters and a Cucumber and Apple Salad from Danks Street Depot. It's been sitting on the counter for too long so make sure you ask for a freshly-made one.

Ham steamed in Hay also from Danks Street Depot. I don't eat porky-pigs but the boyfriend said it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious with a subtle hint of grass.

Moussaka of Eggplant, Sea Scallop and Taramasalata from Civic Dining. Smoky grilled eggplant and gigantic and succulent scallop...more-ish!

Gundooee organic grassfed Wagyu Beef Burger from Becasse/Etch/Plan B. Easily the most popular thing at the festival - they sold 550 of them last night.

Sweet Corn Soup with Sherry Chantilly and Basil also from the Becasse/Etch/Plan B stall. The sherry-flavoured whipped cream was the star!

Green Curry Chicken with Thai Basil, Apple Eggplants and Kanom Jin Noodles from Sailors Thai. Belonged to the two lovely ladies who were sharing a table with us - they kindly asked if I wanted to photograph it too. Tee hee hee! They loved the curry.

Time for dessert, you ask? I was very curious about a few of the desserts on offer but I really couldn't eat anymore and we swapped the coupons we saved for dessert for some Chandon Sparkling Rosé...

...which we drank while walking around the Gourmet Producers Market, tasting wine and food, and planning my dream kitchen.

I want this sunshiney-yellow AGA cooker, a SMEG retro fridge and dishwashing machine in baby blue!

And no big feast is complete without a doggie-bag to take home...

It surprises a lot of people but we love cheese, even the stinky ones, despite being Asians.

We love a good Burrata made from buffalo's milk (the one on the bottom left). We got one from the nice gentleman at the Vanella Cheese stall who said they export to one of our favourite Italian restaurants in Singapore!

The rest are from Paesanella - a buffalo ricotta (sweeter and creamier from those made from cow's milk), my favourite made-in-Australia mascarpone and the to-die-for stracchino.

There were also other activities like this, this and this but we chose to stuff our face instead.

Shirt - Litmus (a cute little shirt shop in Bugis Juncton, Singapore), Chambray Pinafore - Insight, Shoes - Night by Melissa, Bag - Orla Kiely for Tate Modern, Vintage Watch - Citizen

And here's me channelling a female Cletus Spuckler from The Simpsons for a roll in the hay in the park. Thought I'd add a bit of fashion since the last few posts have been so food-centric.

Now, go book your tickets! Remember, only two days of dirty filthy food porn left!


Skye said...

the cod stew/tofu poo combo was a bit of an appetite dampener for me - but this post has made me damn hungry (and there's naught but weet bix in our cupboard).

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hey Skye,
Yup, the tofu poopoo we hardly touched after the first taste.

I hope you've found something to eat! xx

personalshopper said...

Went for a 3hr walk on the new Southern Ridges with Maria and half of our conversations were on Sydney-Melbourne. FOOD & SHOPPING. We miss what the Aussies fed us. Even fare food looks gourmet-licious. Wish I was there!


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Goodness, what fun. You look adorable, as ever.

And is that foam I spy on the ham - I can't decide if I think it's wanky or not. xx

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Poochie -
Wow! The Southern Ridges! You and your tree-top walks! Haha.

Well, they are doing a Taste of Melbourne sometime in August... xx

Top Bird -
Hey, hey, hey!

Haha! An adorable skunk-eating slack-jawed yokel?

I was quite surprised to see it too! I thought the foam trend hit its peak here at the same time as when skinny jeans got mainstream years ago. I'd go for 'wanky' - the dish was served on a paper plate! But it was a tasty sauce. xx