Monday, 1 December 2008

A Double Date On A Damp Night & People With No Gig-going Manners

Smocked & Tiered Chambray Dress - a Target on our recent road trip, White Henley T - Petit Bateau, Crocheted Flowers Scarf - Sportsgirl, Wellies - Orla Kiely

On Saturday night, Gervy and her husband, Cade, and the boyfriend and I went on our first double date to see Oliver Mann play at one of our local pubs, The Hopetoun.

Gervy and I had decided some time ago that the boys should finally meet (and hopefully like each other) since it looks like us girls are going to be pals for a while but we were hesitant, to the point of being just a little stressed by the prospect. And understandably so for like how Gervy and I are very similar in our extroverted ways, the boys are of the same "type" too, only at the other end of the spectrum - when told of the date, Cade's reaction was, "Oh, do I have to talk?" and the boyfriend's was not too far off. They are nice boys but nice boys with very few words to people they first meet. We wonder how they managed to chat us up.

Oliver Mann's music had such a chill-out effect that his guitarist (left) and keyboardist (middle) decided to stop working mid-gig

We got there just before Oliver Mann played his set, introduced the boys and settled in to listen to the band. Gervy and Cade had seen him play recently in Tasmania but it was the first time for the boyfriend and I. We were mesmerised by his deep operatic voice accompanied by very low-key music. Only to have the spell broken by a very loud female voice five minutes into the set.

She was about two people behind us and from what I could hear, she was in her show-off-and-impress-the-friends mode of conversation. And her small group of friends were no better, chatting away like the band wasn't there. They most probably were turned away at the door of the new hip bar, The Beresford, down the road for not dressing right and just hopped into the closest pub which happened to be hosting some of the quietest bands ever last night.

I don't know why people standing right next to her didn't shut her up. Maybe Oliver Mann's fans are all chill like his music. I know why I didn't - I'm not good at doing "discreet" with strangers. Especially those who are doing my head in. The last time I told a girl sitting next to me to stop yakking away on her mobile phone in the cinema, the whole room got involved. I didn't want to start a pub brawl. Good thing Gervy's friend Nat arrived, late, and gave them a piece of her mind. Quietly, of course.

Rudimentary Gig-going Etiquette:
- Take your chatter somewhere else when there is a band on the stage.
- Tall people: Move to the back of the venue. Or be mindful of shorter people standing behind you. If you are obscuring their view, kindly move.
There. Basic. Simple. Be a considerate person and a good time will be had by all.

Back to the double date. I think the boys exchanged less words during the break between bands than the noisy girl and her friends at the start of the evening. But from what I heard (us girls excused ourselves and went to the bar), I think it went well - PS (the gaming console, not the next-big-bag), Grand Theft Auto, living in Sydney...

Then Grand Salvo, the next band, came on. Much to their relief.

Quiet music-making runs in the family: Paddy Mann, brother of Oliver, and his lovely string section

The double date ended with Gervy and Cade walking us home in the drizzle.


Jin6655321 said...

I'm only five feet tall, which sucks at shows. In order to see anything, I either have to be right up in front of the stage or be in the way back. It really pisses me off when some big dude plants himself in front of me. Rude.

Oh, I also hate it when I see someone closer to the stage than me and they spend the entire show just texting. If all you're going to do is just listen and text, why not go to the back and give up the good spot to someone who care?

KATLIN said...

Inconsiderate people piss me off. I'm not good at confronting people period, so I wouldn't know how to tell them off at all. Haha.

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Jin - I'm only about three inches taller than you and they don't make a huge difference at shows. Tall people somehow like to plonk themselves right in front of me. You would think I was invisible.

Haha! We have them texters too! Why pay and go to a concert when they spend half their time on the phone?

Katlin - I hate making a scene in public so I usually wait until I'm majorly pissed off before I say something but once I get started, there's no turning back especially with people who get defensive, are unapologetic or continue with their inconsiderate acts despite my first polite request to stop - I don't quit until I win. Try it some time, you might enjoy it.

Top Bird said...

I love your gig get-up - very cute, indeed.

I'm also loving that the two of you went on a double-date. Sounds like fun (except for the annoying loud talker at the bar). xx

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Thank you. x

It was more unnerving than fun but now that the boys have met and seemed like they got along, the next date (if we have another!) might be more enjoyable.

Gervy said...

Finally catching up with your blog after days spent glued to the other screen (TV)... Thank you for our double date, I had a lovely time and Cade seemed to emerge unscathed from his 5 mins unchaperoned conversation with your boy! We must do it again.


the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

"Thank you" to you for suggesting it! Yes, we'll have to do it again in a similar setting where they don't have to talk to each other too much? Slowly ease them in? xx