Saturday, 15 November 2008

Colours DO Beget More Colours!

Arghhh! Goddamn Blogger is driving me crazy! I have been trying to post this for the past hour and the alignment is all fucked up each time. I'm going to stop trying to rectify it before I get angrily violent - if this last attempt is still wonky and full of ugly dead space, it's not fault of mine.

Gervy, inspired by the last post, said she would carry the most colourful bag in her collection for me to lunch today. Big sloppy kisses for her!

Note how she's picked out colours from the bag and worked them into her outfit - cute knitted vermillion cropped cardigan (from Anthropologie, if anyone is curious, brought all the way back with a whole load of other pretty things for her from New York by the very obliging Ms K - why do they not ship to Australia?!) and light jade green wedges from Camper. I like!

And a dotty brolly (which I'm glad we didn't have to use) completed her adult Rainbow Brite ensemble!

And this is what I wore in reciprocation.

Photo - Gervy, Ruffle-front cardigan - Alannah Hill, Maxi Dress - Tree of Life, Bag - Grandma Takes A Trip, Watch - Mustafa in Singapore, Paintbrush necklace - Tatty Devine, Sandals - A cute boutique on Crown Street that's sadly not there anymore


qooza said...

OMG. CUTE sandals!!

Jin6655321 said...

I love the sea foam color. I wish it was Spring here... Of course, when it was Spring, I was wishing it was fall...

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Hello Qooza,
Thank you for visiting! I lucked out with the sandals a few years ago when the cute shop (where Dobry Den now is) was closing down - soft soft leather for like a tenth of the original price.

Hey Jin,
I'm a warm-weather girl at heart having lived in Singapore most of my life. I used to find the cold and dressing for warmth quite a pain but now that I've gotten my head around it, I've been looking forward to the colder months...but only for the fashion, not the cold. x

Gervy said...

It was a fun sartorial challenge... I haven't used that bag for ages as it is so lairy. But maybe that is not a bad thing?!

You looked sensational. x

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

It was fun! I think we should do it again on our next playdate.

YOU made me look sensational, Ms Photog.

We forgot to get a shot of Ms K in her sexy cobalt blue top! How rude. xx

Top Bird said...

You two gorgeous girls look sensational!

I forget how brilliant Tree of Life was for picking up unique frocks (that don't look like they're from Tree of Life at all!).

But oh headless one, is a just-lit ciggy your accessory du jour now??? (hehe)


Top Bird said...

p.s. Is that a Tatty Devine paintbrush necklace I spy? Nice!

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Thank you, Top Bird.

I got lucky at Tree of Life. I went in this time last year to look for a Christmas pressie for my aunt who loves Indian cotton and saw the happy dress and had to buy it. It was my first time in there because I've always thought the shop was a little too hippy-drippy for me. Since then, I've been stopping in from time to time but I've never found anything as pretty.

Haha! I had to have a ciggy the moment we left the restaurant - it was a pretty long lunch.

You've got magpie eyes! Yes, it's from Tatty Devine. Shame they don't do a cigarette one. Or have they? A real accessory du jour. Haha. xxx

Gervy said...

LG, would people think we were weird if we had fashion challenges on all our playdates? Anyone would think we were still 16...

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Ms G, I feel 16 on most days. x