Wednesday, 26 November 2008

But She Never Talks About Make-up!

That's because I don't wear any. Except for Origins' Pinch Your Cheeks. It makes me feel less like Death every morning and it looks really natural and is not a pain to apply (read: doesn't dry up the moment it comes into contact with my skin, leaving me with red dots instead of flushed cheeks).

And I'm only bringing it up because while shopping on Saturday with Gervy, I found out quite by accident (Gervy wanted to buy her friend a rub-on blusher and I recommeneded it) that Origins has decided to withdraw everything in their make-up range from the shelves in Australia! Shock! Horror!

No, they have not suddenly found components in them that would cause you to break out with pus-filled boils. It's just that "the range only make up a very small percentage Origins' profits", according to the oh-I-so-don't-want-to-be-working-today girl at the counter at Myers, and they want to concentrate on developing the rest of their big bucks-raking products.

The thought of not being able to "pinch my cheeks" in the mornings and facing the world looking like a don't-wannabe Goth chick was not a good one. We ran to David Jones hoping the Origins counter there would still have some in stock . They did and I stocked up. The sales assistant, a very much chirpier version of the one at Myers earlier, said she wasn't sure if the product withdrawal plan was just for Australia. From what she was told, it could be worldwide! There goes my hope of gettting Poochie, the "personal shopper" in Singapore, to ply me with an endless supply.

They are still available on the Origins website but I don't know for how long. So if you are a user, run out and grab some now! Each tube expires 24 months after opening but it only lasts about six with me because I love to "blush".

Maybe that's why I stopped painting my face. Products and colours that I fell in love with and have gotten very attached to over the years have somehow all dropped off and fallen into the "discontinued" shaft. I can't remember the names of lipsticks, eyeshadows and bases that were "taken away" from me twenty years ago, the last time I wore a full face of make-up, but recent casualties were my M.A.C Lip Conditioner Stick SPF 15 (clear and sheer - available everywhere except in Australia) and an OPI nail polish called "Throw A Tempura Tantrum" (matte creamy beige - totally shafted worldwide). And these are in basic nude non-trendy colours. I can't win, can I? Even with non-colours!


Yu said...

I don't wear much make up either but i swear by Benefit cosmetics. The packaging makes it hard to resist so I always stay away from department stores.

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

We are all suckers for packaging!

But their Benetint is one of those cheek rubs that don't blend easy - Poochie, my "personal shopper" and I have both tried it. But Gervy swears by it. And you?

Top Bird said...

Oh bugger, that's particularly bad news for Origins, isn't it?

I'm actually a fan of Pinch Your Cheeks and Benetint, but my hands-down favourite is Tarte Cheek Stain. My beauty ed friend put me on to it and I haven't looked back. xx

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

It is! Crap crap news for us fans too.

Oooooh, Tarte Cheek Stain?! By Sephora? New product to try. Yay! Thank you for sharing. xx