Saturday, 25 October 2008

I Am Not Preggers

And I never will be. I'm not a hater of ankle biters. I don't mind them if they can hold back wailing at the top of their lungs non-stop in public places and as long as they didn't pop out of me. I'd rather have a dog. A French bulldog.

But I unknowingly bought some maternity wear for myself yesterday! And I thought I've seen modern preggers fashion - things that make you look normal even when a huge bowling-ball-in-a-bag is attached to the front of you - in all its guises! With pals like Mrs Bunny and Mommy Noinoi already members of the Yummy Mummy club.

They were on a rack at a tiny designers' warehouse sale, next to racks of clothes for "regular" people by other local labels like Cohen et Sabine, Shona Joy, Shakuhachi and Bowie. You, too, wouldn't have thought these Mishka'n'Milka pieces were for ladies-with-child if you were me. I didn't know until I Googled them when I got home.

When I picked up this Cheek To Cheek Cape in poppy red, I thought, "Oooh, a floaty lightweight cape for Spring/Summer." Concealing milk-laden breasts and protruding tummy didn't even cross my mind.

And with these pleated and cuffed Starry Eyed Stripe Shorts? All I could think of was, "Yippee! Another stripey pair to add to my Likkle-Girl-Goes-to-The-Hamptons-and-Revisits-Brideshead Summer repertoire."

The cute paperbag waist should have been a dead giveaway but everyone wears them nowadays - pregnant of not.

Would I have bought them if I had known they were made for mummies-to-be? Hell yeah! Why stop at raiding the kiddies' and men's department?


A dreamer said...

Haha! They look perfectly normal and non maternity wear to me!
Goes to show great clothes can be found in all departments.

Yu said...

They are cute, I wouldn't worry where they are from. People won't know unless you tell them.

Gem said...

they both look awesome, and i never would have guessed they were classed as maternity wear if you hadn't said so :)

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Dreamer and Gem -
And nice roomy bags! You know those multi-compartment leather satchels that Yummy Mummies use to carry milk bottles, nappies and toys around?

Yu -
Haha. I'm not worried unless they start making me look like I'm with-child.

El Notable said...

HAHAHAHh I love the term "ankle biters"
Beautiful clothes and who cares, nobody'll know.
Great blog

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Thank you, El Notable.

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