Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Looking For A Nice Dress For A White Wedding

We've got a Spring wedding to attend at the end of the month - the ceremony in the Royal Botanic Gardens and the reception across the harbour on an island. An excuse to buy a dress, yes. But I hate shopping for things for specific occasions, with a deadline to meet. I can always trawl an existing-something from the wardrobe but I already have a picture of me, in my head, wearing a shiny modern take of a 1920s flapper dress.

How I got that picture, I don't know but this photo of Heimstone's Mustang Dress was sent to me by the Personal Shopper after I told her of my wardrobe woe. Lucky bitch just asked for one for her birthday and got it! This loose sister of the corset dress. Of course I clicked on the site right away but all's been sold. Found another one here but the price is not as generously slashed and it's hard paying for it when I know I could have bought it at a cheaper and cheerier figure. Sigh. Back to square one. I'm glad the happy couple has a wedding registry - save me madly shopping for another thing with a looming deadline.


A dreamer said...

hope you find an even better dress or one like it. this one is so pretty!

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Thank you, Dreamer. I'm hoping I will but I have a feeling I won't be able to find another like it, or even close, within the time-frame. Have to change the picture in my head, I guess.