Sunday, 21 September 2008

Insatiable Wanderlust And Appetite

The rental car is not due back until this evening so instead of ploughing our way through the huge load of laundry and tidying the apartment yesterday, we went for one last drive - three hours down south this time to have lunch at Lynwood Cafe in the tiniest of town, small that we missed the highway exit on our drive last year.

It might seem silly (which we have been very often lately) to travel such a distance just for a meal but I'm so glad the boyfriend suggested it - even if there was no food involved, I'd be happy just to have had the opportunity to see the inside of the quaint old farmhouse.

One of the smaller dining rooms in which we ate - Lynwood's owners bought the house and converted it into a cafe. This cute little room off the main dining hall, I assume, was once a bedroom.

The window - Overlooking the outdoor dining area in the beautiful back garden. I love how it floods the room with luminous natural light.

Table setting - Charmingly lo-fi Cath Kidston vibes.

Shaved pear salad with Gorgonzola, rocket and pinenuts - We shared this classic blue cheese and pear combo that can never go wrong.

Corn beef with seasonal vegetable and mustard sauce - The boyfriend's meal. I had a taste of the mash with the sauce - very very comforting.

Coq au vin with parsnip mash - My lunch. The chicken was cooked to perfection, soft and nearly off-the-bone. But the sauce was a little bitter - could be the vin that was used? I cleaned my plate anyway.

Lemon polenta tea cake - I made the boyfriend order it because I wanted a taste. Very lemon-rindy = very delicious! And the texture was just perfect.

Scone with Lynwood preserve and double cream - This is seriously the best scone that I've ever had (better than mine). Everyone has their own take on how a scone should taste - I like mine biscuit-crusty on the outside and soft on the inside and Lynwood's fulfilled my wishes. And the preserve was so good we bought some to take home.

The long drive was well worth it. Lynwood Cafe is such a special little place that encompasses all that I love about eating-out in Australia - their use of top-grade regional and seasonal produce on a menu of dishes cooked utilising the simplest of methods that draw out the best of the ingredients. All served in a totally unpretentious environment by friendly and knowledgeable staff. With an excellent House White to match.

Lynwood Cafe
1 Murray Street
New South Wales
Ph: (02) 4848 0200
Opening Hours: Thursday to Sunday & Public Holidays - 10am to 5pm
Friday & Saturday Nights - 6pm to 10pm (Bookings advisable)


Yu said...

really simple, rustic but nice food!

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Yes! And that's how I like my food most.