Thursday, 4 September 2008

Diligently Eating My Way From A Size 8 To A Size 12

This is a hawkers' centre, the one at Newton Circus, to be specific. There are many of them all over the island. They are the best places to eat - many tiny stalls all selling local delights in one place. Ask most taxi drivers and they will point to the best hawkers' center for a certain type of food.

Some of the greasy and disgusting-looking but delicious food that I've missed:-

Rojak - A local salad. Cucumber, bean sprouts, deep-fried tofu and doughsticks, pineapple, turnip and banana flower tossed in the smelliest prawn paste, chilli, lime juice and crushed peanuts. Topped with flattened pieces of crispy grilled cuttlefish. A party in my mouth!

Char Kway Teow - Thick flat rice noodles stir-fried with garlic, Asian greens, bean sprouts, fishcake, Chinese sausage, eggs and a sweet dark soya sauce. Topping of bloody cockles, optional. The best greasy fry-up ever.

Oyster Omelette - I'm not an oyster girl but I love the crispy bits of eggs.

Prawn Noodles - You can have the noodles in the dark broth that is similar to a prawn bisque. Or you have have it "dry", tossed in dark vinegar, soy, garlic oil, tomato and chilli sauce, with the soup on the side. I can eat it everyday.

I don't know which I'll get to first - a size 12 or a heart attack.


Top bird said...

Right, I want a rojak. Pronto, please. Looks like you're having fun! xx

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Top Bird,
You picked the healthiest out of the lot! If only Fedex and the British custom allow food to be sent...xx

KATLIN said...

Mmmm! Where do you live/where are you from?

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Hello Kaitlin,
I grew up and lived in Singapore but moved to Sydney, Australia a few years ago. I'm currently back in Singapore to see my folks and friends, and to eat and shop.