Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Brown Things

While packing (more like stuffing!) purchases away in my suitcase and in courier boxes to send back to Sydney, I realised that both the first and last things I bought on this trip are brown (the in-betweens are colourful). I like brown. I don't like anything black so bitter chocolate is the darkest colour I'd wear. It's funny how even the darkest shade is not as harsh or hard as black.

First purchase: A pair of brown corduroy Converse with green trim. Out of all my Connie-wonnies, I wear my brown ones - a canvas pair and a corduroy pair - the most. The latter is close to shredding but I couldn't bring myself to throw them out. I'm glad Converse brought them back.

Final splurge: A gigantic dark chocolate leather tote which, I was told, was made for men. I've been looking for one exactly like it for years - brown, leather, logo-and-hardware-free, clean lines and big enough to hold my daily work gear. You'd think it'd be easy in this bag-obsessed world but there was always something in those that came before that spoilt them for me, usually obvious logos and excessive hardware. Surely design houses must know that there's a part of the bag-buying public, albeit a minority, that appreciates the subtlety of a quiet but quality utility piece that wasn't made with achieving "it" status in mind?

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