Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Meet The Original Likkle Girl

Greetings from Singapore! I'm home on the sunny isle for an under-the-radar visit. Yes, "visit" because I wouldn't call it a "holiday" when family is involved. It's "stealth-y" because I have too many pals here - the three that I've told so far have been sworn to secrecy. I would love to catch up with everyone but I'll only call the rest (and watch my diary fill up with appointments like I'm the hottest new model in town) when I feel like I've spent enough time with my dad and mom. I've learnt from my last folks didn't see very much of me and I was pretty sure my dad was on the verge of bringing back the good old curfew.

It feels like nothing has changed but it's only my first day back and all that I've seen so far are the familiar sights along the expressway home from the airport last night. (Oh, we flew on Singapore Airlines' new A380 and it was what they said it would be - so much more room, even in the cattle class. And there isn't a marked difference in fare. It is indeed "a great way to fly", to borrow from their old advertising jingle.)

My taste in fashion-y things hasn't changed very much either, looking at the stack of old photos that my mom has pulled out from the "archives". The red clogs! The haircut is similar to the current one and I'd love a grown-up version of that smocked printed dress.

I suspect there will be more reminiscing-type posts to follow as I open up packed-away boxes and rediscover things that I've forgotten. Can't wait.


Glowing Doll said...

This is so cute!!!

Gervy said...

Uber-cute! I can't believe you had the same haircut as a kid... but it's definitely you, the impish little smile is quite familiar.

A groovy outfit too - how fantastic are smocked print dresses? But why don't they translate on women in their 30s?


Sez said...

Tres cute nas pas?

Have fun with the parentals. I used to know how you feel when I visited home, dates booking up the diary. Then the folks moved cities and friends moved town too... No need to worry anymore :-(

Enjoy some family time Likkle!

Imelda Matt said...

You know those 'clogs' were the first thing I saw!!!! You look soooo cute as gervy said 'uber-cute'!

WendyB said...

Adorable. I dig those clogs!

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Thank you, all! Haven't read any of your blogs since I arrived! Suffering from withdrawal...bad. xxxxx