Saturday, 30 August 2008

From The Likkle Girl's Vintage Emporium

I've forgotten how much shit I've left behind. A collection of fashion highs and lows accumulated over twenty-odd years. I'm a such hoarder and sentimental fool, making brutal culling a hard task. And knowing that fashion works in cycles made it more difficult - there will always be things that I'd want to wear again. When? I don't know. One day.

Opening my floor-to-ceiling built-in and the packing box marked "Floral" was like opening fashion time capsules full of sartorial memories. Goddamn! So many things I want to take with me but I have to brutal because I'm sure there'll be other forgotten goodies in the other seven huge boxes that I've yet to open.

A vintage Laura Ashley dress given to me in the 90s by Mrs H, mother of my best pal Ben. She told me that she bought it to wear to a dance with Mr H when they were still living in England. That must have been in the 70s? It's in pristine condition as that was the only time she wore it - the children came soon after and she hasn't been a size 8 since.

I've never worn it because I don't do black. But looking at its tulle-lined poufiness now, I just might be ready to bend my rule a little just to twirl around in it. Bring back the tea dances!

This skirt by Scandinavian Carli Gry was bought in the 80s at Printemps, a French departmental store here.

The store didn't stay open for very long but I remember having hours of fun shopping there after school. The usual departments didn't exist in there. Everything was grouped according to their colours - so if you walked into, say, the 'tangerine' section, you can find everything from earrings to shoes to dresses in that shade. I've always loved colours so I was in heaven.

Looking forward to wearing this skirt again. Just in time for Spring back in Sydney. Yes, it still fits - it used to sit on my skinny teenage hips but now it can only be fastened around the waist which is how it should be worn, really.

One of many made-in-India cotton pieces from my hippy-drippy-look phase in the early 90s. I love the Eley Kishimoto-esque colours and appliqué details. Good for the glo-bo ("global-bohemian"?) theme that's been recurring pretty often of late.

Off to open more boxes...


Cass said...

I love that dress and skirt. I think you should definitely wear the dress

Gervy said...

How fantastic - what gorgeous things! Can't wait to see you modelling them on your return.

I wish I had hoarded such lovely pieces. Instead, I'd be lucky to find some too-tight tracky pants and mouldy shoes at my parents' house.

Printemps sounds like an absolute dream.

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Cass -
I will...I have to work it out slowly in my head that black is not too bad a colour.

Ms G -
You taking me to a dance? xxx

Imelda Matt said...

If that Laura Ashley dress doesn't make it home, I'll have you stopped at immigration and shipped to Woomera!

Gervy said...

Sure, we should go to a dance. Do you have any moves I can borrow?

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Mrs M -
I really should have listened to you and brought an extra trunk! Oh, Woomera has internet! x

Ms G -
I have been wanting to go for dance classes (the Jive!) for the longest time. Maybe we should together. x

KATLIN said...

The silhouette on that dress is to DIE FOR! Not something I would wear everyday, but just having that hanging in my closet would make me happy! :)

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

Hey Katlin,
That's what I thought too so it's going back to Sydney with me whether I'll wear it or not. Tee hee hee.

TericaNicole2008 said...

I love this dress are selling it?

The Likkle Girl Who Wurves Pwetty Things said...

Hello TericaNicole,
The dress has been hanging in my wardrobe, not worn, since I brought it back to Sydney three year ago but I still can't bring myself to sell it.

I'm sorry. x