Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Udom At Chat Thai

We've been going to Chat Thai at least once a week since we first discovered it in November.

The food has never ever been disappointing, far from it, and I've developed a craving for their Pad Grapao Gai Sup - a spicy stir-fry of chicken mince, holy basil, chilli and green beans - with a fried egg, only if you know to ask for one, on top. But lately, I think it's more than the Pad Grapao that's been willing me back.

I've been admiring this huge painting since our first meal there, when it was still precariously propped against the wall of the mezzanine level dining area. It has finally been hung properly on the ground floor a few months ago, a place that it so deserves - you'll see it the moment you walk in to write your name on the long waiting list for tables.

I don't know what elements have been at work but the wait staff seem to know that I have a thing for that piece of art and have been seating us at tables with a clear view of it. We've been wanting to ask who the artist is and finally did on our last visit.

We were told that he's a hot Thai (but of course!) artist and his name is Udom. I've tried Googling him but have not had much luck. Looks like I have to make-do with my weekly perv-with-meal.

Chat Thai
20 Campbell Street (opposite Capitol Theatre)
Phone: 9211 1808

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