Saturday, 17 May 2008

Lunch At Catalonia - Six Months Later

Yay! A meal in a brightly sunlit courtyard on a beautiful autumn day = food photos in natural light, when I remember to take them before stuffing myself so if the plating of the food looks weird, it's no fault of the restaurant's.

Marinated Spanish anchovies on toast with a good smear of capsicum puree

Jamon Serrano ‘Gran Reserva’ - Spanish ham that's been cured for 18 to 36 months - with cripsbread

Spanish cured tuna with pickled cauliflower, walnuts and avocado - This dish didn't arrive in this lumpy mess at at our table. I forgot to take a photo when it arrived beautifully presented.

Finally! A shot with every component intact.

Manchego (a semi-hard Spanish sheep's milk cheese) croquettes with wild mushrooms and celeriac

Another pre-attack one!

Morcilla stuffed squid with lentils and saffron alioli - loved the crispy tempura squid tentacles garnish.

And then back to total failure.

Guinea fowl bisteeya with quince salad - a lovely spiced guinea fowl mix wrapped in little filo parcels sitting atop a salad of poached quince and finely shredded red cabbage. You'll have to use your imagination.


Pumpkin Crème Catalan with maple syrup and pecan ice cream - we've already tucked into it.

Churros con chocolate - Spanish 'donut' with a mousse-y chocolate dip with half the churros gone.

Ms Jackson, my partner-in-crime at my last place of employment, finally had a proper (as in not tired from being on her feet for long hours for a whole week and thus have to spend the day recuperating) day-off yesterday. She called and suggested lunch with a bit of a car ride thrown in for she knows I'm like an eager little puppy when it comes to driving out of the city. So in her old baby blue tank of a Volvo - I love that make of car, bulk and all - we drove across the bridge to Catalonia, a tapas place co-owned by Brian, who used to work with us.

The last time we saw him was six months ago, when we went for dinner in Catalonia's early days. It was great catching up with him, even if it was only for a few short minutes during his break, eating his tasty tapas and trying not to eat too much of the 'evil' complimentary sweet treats he sent out to us and not drink too much of Tom's fine selection of beverages (remember, Ms Jackson had to drive).

We miss him but are happy that he's done so well within just half-a-year. Go, B, go!

Shop 2
31A Fitzroy Street
Phone: 9922 4215


chou said...

Except for the squid, it looks wonderful. I think I'd have to actually have a bite of squid before I can make any comments . . . :)

the likkle girl who wurves pwetty things said...

I loved the squid except for its blood sausage stuffing. I don't eat red meat and related stuff so I dug the stuffing out but I'm sure it was tasty. They used to do it with just spiced rice inside. Are you going to try make some yourself? Or maybe plan a little holiday here? x