Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Look What The Postie Brought This Week!

Goodies from American Apparel
I'm so happy that they now have an online shop in Australia. But not so happy when the boyfriend's purchases fit and mine didn't - their sizing are a liitle weird (helpful to read the reviews left by previous buyers) but they have a great return/exchange/refund policy so I'm waiting for the right ones to turn up in the mail soon.

A Surprise from Orla Kiely!
The pair of Cafe Creme Wellingtons that I bought from them just four months ago died on me so I wrote them a letter expressing my disappointment and they sent me this replacement pair of Tonal Stem ones from their latest range without me even asking. Wow! Another reason to love Orla Kiely.

Sonic Youth concert tickets
They will be playing the whole of the "Daydream Nation" album at this concert in February as part of the "Don't Look Back" concert series. Will definitely get the shudders like I did when I first heard "Sister", my introduction to the band two decades (!) ago.

Thurston Moore's "Trees Outside the Academy" is now playing on the stereo. Kinda liking its, um, "grown-up"(?) sound.

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