Friday, 6 July 2007

Isn't He Hot?!

Having grown up in Asia, I never thought I'd ever need a hot water bottle. But this has been one of the coldest (and wettest!) winter out of the four that I've had to put up with here so the moment I saw Walter (we like giving human names to inanimate objects around the apartment) at Plenty, a homeware store that stocks some fine stuff, I grabbed him.

You'd think, in a land with the four seasons, that it'd be easy finding a hot water bottle with a cover that's equivalent to a dress or a sweater or a sweater dress that you would wear but there are not too many options out there.

I'm glad I found my Walter. Love him for keeping me warm in the dreaded winter cold. If he's good, I might just make him a new 'sweater' next year.

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